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“The war was won due to the President’s political leadership” – Army Commander

Army Commander Lt. General Jagath Jayasuriya will betray his own servicemen for a bunis and a banana

Courtesy: Lanka News Web

(December 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Army Commander Lt. General Jagath Jayasuriya has said the Army was unable to wipe out the LTTE during previous operations until the humanitarian operation was launched under President Mahinda Rajapaksa due to the lack of a proper political leadership.

He made this statement at a meeting held at the Minneriya Army camp on December 1st. The Army Commander has organized 100 meetings with the soldiers to brief them on why President Rajapaksa should be re-elected at the forthcoming Presidential election. The meeting in Minneriya was the eighth in the series of meetings.

The Army Commander had said that leaders before President Rajapaksa could not win the war as they gave in to pressure from the international community and failed to make the necessary financial allocations at the appropriate time. He had said defeating the LTTE would have remained a dream if not for the President and that the full credit of the war victory should be with President Rajapaksa and the Defence Secretary.

The Army Commander after making media statements calling for the non politicization of the military had commenced this series of meetings following a directive by the Defence Secretary.

The President had told the Security Council meeting recently that if General Sarath Fonseka assumed office, Army Commander Lt. General Jayasruiya and his family would be killed by him.
-Sri Lanka Guardian

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