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The Great Gathering of Maha Sanga at Historical Mahamaluwa in Kandy on 18th February 2010 at 3 PM

Letter from the three Buddhist chapters in Sri Lanka

By Ven. Tibbotuwawe Sri Siddharatha Sumangala Thera, Ven. Udugama Sri Ratnapala Buddharakitha Thera, Ven. Weweldeniya Medalankara Thera and Ven. Dauldena Gananissara Thera

(February 13, Kandy, Sri Lanka Guardian) We think that by now you would have grasped that a confused situation have risen in the country regarding democracy and good governance. Our view is that this will create a great disastrous situation to the future of our country.

In the face of this situation it will not be right for us as Buddhist monks to remain silent. Though since the ancient times the collective power of Buddhist monks have greatly contributed to the progress of the country, you would agree that in the recent past this has come under some challengers.

Considering all these facts with the view to undermine the chaotic situation, with the aim of establishing collective agreement to establish democracy and good governance, with the participation of all Buddhist monks spreads through out the country belonging to three great orders, to have special meeting of monks has being arrange on the 18th of February this year at 3 PM at historical Mahamaluwa of Kandy under the leadership of prelates of three Buddhist chapters have being arranged, we here by notified all monks to attend this meeting.


The prelates of the four Buddhist chapters –

Siyam Nikaya-Malwatte (Ven. Tibbotuwawe Sri Siddharatha Sumangala Thera), Siyam Nikaya-Asgiriya (Ven. Udugama Sri Ratnapala Buddharakitha Thera), Ramanna Nikaya (Venerable Weweldeniya Medalankara Thera), Amarapura (Ven. Dauldena Gananissara Thera)

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