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Only Fonseka can give evidence on war crimes!

By Dr Vickramabahu Karunaratne

(February 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Former TNA MPs who have formed a new political front called the ‘Tamil National Liberation Alliance (TNLA), after being pushed out by the nomination board of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), slammed the TNA leadership saying they werepuppets of India’s Congress government. These MPs, who formed the new party, were members of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO) - a one time militant group. They participated in the Tamil liberation struggle but refused to go by the dictates of global powers.

I have indicated in this column many a time, that under the influence of the global capital, Delhi leaders behave as a gang of new Arya Brahmins, out to demolish the resurgence of Dravidian identity. Even those southern Dravidian states of India are given step motherly treatment by these neo Brahmins.


It was revealed that the TNA leadership did not make use of the opportunity they had, to force a ceasefire during the latter stages of the war. They failed to make an effort to get India to pressurize the Sri Lankan government to go for a ceasefire during the war when thousands of Tamil civilians in the North were suffering. Apparently the TNA leadership had turned down offers, which were made by the Tamil Nadu government and other members of the Indian opposition, to get an appointment for a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other senior Ministers. This mistake will be classified as treachery of the worst kind by future generations of Tamil liberation fighters.

It is interesting to note that Sivaji, Sri Kantha and others have challenged the TNA leadership for a public debate on the Indian issue and vowed to prove their point. At the same time they explained that the TNLA would strive towards fulfilling the aspirations of the Tamil speaking people in the North and East; and their ideology will be self-rule based on the ‘one country, two nations’ concept. The TNLA gave nominations from the Left Liberation Front ticket under the “umbrella” symbol. It was claimed that the Left Liberation Front would be positioned as an alternative opposition force.

Furthermore, it was said that such an alternative was necessary as the main opposition UNP and the JVP also promoted communalism just as the government did.

Corruption necessary evil

By indulging in chauvinist politics both the UNP and the JVP lost their main thrust against the government. In fact the government is not concerned much about opposition criticisms on waste and corruption.

Because they know that such criticisms are common to political heads of all countries dependent on global capitalist development projects.

Even the global masters believe that such corruptions are a necessary evil, connected to the development of a nouvae bourgeoisie! But on the other hand, the statement made by General Fonseka about war crimes has become a nail on the head of the government.

The government is dead scared of Fonseka as he only can give evidence on war crimes. Global masters may not care for corruption; but war crimes can create many problems among workers in western countries.

Mahinda does not want to be in the bad books of the global masters.

Clearly every effort is made by the government, to get the general to retract on this issue. Torture, torture everywhere, not a friend to help!

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