Global Tamil Forum (GTF), Quo Vadis?

By Gamini Edirisinghe

(March 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The international LTTE network is a well established (for over 30 plus years) well funded, well connected and well oiled apparatus. It is true that GOSL destroyed the LTTE leadership in Sri Lanka along with its leader Prabhakaran.It was the greatest single blow that destabilized them. However, the international LTTE network is largely intact and has connections with many administrations in the countries in the West, Africa, etc. Many prominent media conglomerates heartily support them. They wield lot of clout in these spheres. In these networks, there are many well to do professionals, academics and other minions including Tamil criminal elements (these gangs are mostly active in Canada, UK, France &, Australia - in US, as LTTE proscription is actively pursued by the FBI & other law enforcement agencies, the LTTE criminal element is minimal but, many well established doctors, lawyers, engineers and academics heavily support the LTTE network.) They are regrouping again and Sarath Fonseka phenomenon we never expected is very encouraging to them. They are hell bent on getting Eelam by any means.

The LTTE, has formed an umbrella organization called Global Tamil Forum (GTF). Under this umbrella, the following LTTE front organizations operate:

British Tamil Forum (BTF), Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), Australian Tamil Congress (ATC), House of Eelam Tamils (France), European Tamil Union, Norwegian Council of Eelam Tamils (NCET), Swedish Tamil Forum (STF), Danish Federation of Tamil Associations (DFTA), Tamil Relief Fund (TRF- Malaysia), New Zealand Tamil Society, Wellington Tamil Society, United States Tamil Political Action Council

Like hydra’s many heads, many more will pop up but, though there are so many heads, there is only one body that all these heads connect to; it comprises of hardcore Eelamists who profess only sedition. First, its victim will be the tiny island, Sri Lanka, off the Southern tip of India but, it is not a secret that Tamil Nadu is in their crosshairs. Later, it may include Malaysia and Singapore. Hydra will become Medusa. Many unwitting Western politicians, opportunistic bandoleros and idealistic dreamers heartily aid and abet them without seeing far and without caring that they are helping to destabilize a sovereign country

Global Tamil Forum (GTF) in its Vision Statement clearly states, “derives its strength from grassroots organizations of the Tamil Diaspora that will work in solidarity with Tamils in Eelam and other communities in Sri Lanka to restore Tamil Peoples right to self-determination” and its Mission Statement comprises of statements like:

* Prevent the colonization of the homeland of the Tamil people by the Sinhala majority community,

* Promote health, education, culture and economic development of Tamils in Eelam and the Tamil Diaspora Promote health, education, culture and economic development of Tamils in Eelam and the Tamil Diaspora,

* To use all resources available to the Tamil Diaspora to establish the Tamil people’s right to self-determination and their right to re-establish their nationhood which was taken away by force from them by the succeeding colonial powers including the Sri Lankan government,

* Help empower Tamil people in Sri Lanka to take control of their destiny and clearly formulate and promote the benefits of freedom for all in the pursuit of sustainable growth and prosperity in the self-governing nation of Tamil Eelam.

Even though they employ words like ‘democratic’ and ‘peaceful’, the underlying message is understandably opposite. Any intelligent statesman recognizes what they really mean. So British Foreign Secretary, David Milliband’s dilly dallying with the GTF is reprehensible. These aberrated ideologies spew out by the LTTE headed by Prabhakaran caused 30 year curse, death and destruction to all communities in Sri Lanka. Now, these very same Eelamists are trying to further it again! Does any Nation, whether Western or any other, let any racist ethnic group bent on terrorism to carve out a country out of the existing one? We see ample examples on the contrary

Another disturbing fact is that GTF’s claim of Sri Lanka’s Tamil National Alliance (TNA) political party’s implied or underlying knowledge/connection with secessionist GTF. In a round about way, in their website, a question is asked in the form of “Is Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is aware of the formation of this organization? The answer is craftily prepared mono syllabic “yes” taking the advantage of the benefit of doubt. Everyone knows that TNA has not relinquished its call for a separate country, to date.

Under the present circumstances, we should be very concerned about the resurgence of LTTE front organizations and their call for Eelam. First and foremost thing we must do is to learn the length, breadth and the depth of LTTE network and its ideology. Then, we must tone down our egos, stop unnecessary infighting, and form meaningful goals and work cohesively to attain them.