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Tamil Tigress in UN

By Ben Silva

(March 13, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ms Navi Pillai has been anti Sri Lanka and pro LTTE for a long time. Even when UN member states voted in favour of Sri Lanka,
she continued her anti Sri Lankan stand. She did nothing to eliminate Tamil terrorism and empire building, which was the main cause of human rights abuse in Sri Lanka, but she did every thing in her power to act against GOSL which eliminated terrorism. It has to be investigated, if her reluctance to act against Tamil racism is due to her Tamil ethnicity. She did nothing against USA that continue to abuse human rights in Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to her regular bullying and harassment of Sri Lanka and her apathy in dealing with major human rights violators such as USA and UK (in Iraq and Afghanistan), many see her as a Tamil racist, sympathising with Tamil terrorists. These serious allegations ought to be investigated by UN.

It appears that she and the other Tamil woman in UN are abusing their position and playing the Tamil tiger tune.

Because as both Coomaraswamy and Pillay are Tamils, with potential to be anti Sri Lanka, they should not be allowed to get involved in issues related to Sri Lanka. The ethnicity of Navi Pillay, Coomarawamy and the potential for bias should be conveyed to UN members.

Let us examine Ms Pilay’s statement that demands an ‘ independent investigation into alleged atrocities by both sides in Sri Lanka's civil war ref: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8068905.stm.

She surely cannot be that ignorant or stupid not to realise that LTTE leadership does not exist any more. Assuming that she is fully aware that the leadership of LTTE does not exist any more, then by demanding an investigation, she is clearly hounding the victim of terrorism Sri Lanka. Due to her conduct many suspect that she is a Tamil racist, sympathetic to LTTE and many question if she is fit to be in UN. In fact there should be an investigation by a panel appointed by Mr Moon, to determine if there is institutional racism against the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka in UN, because of people such as Pillay, Coomaraswamy and persons such as Alan Rock, influenced by Coomaraswamy. Many see UN as a Tamil tiger infested, Tamil racist den.

If she is unable to disregard her ethnicity and do her duties as a professional, her position in UN has to be considered.

There is clear evidence that Ms Pillay has abused her position to harass and bully Sri Lanka. It is even possible that Ms Pillay has influenced Mr Moon.. Most believe, that her actions are due to her Tamil ethnicity. UN is well known for corruption and their pro terrorist officials. UN officials have been expelled from Afghanistan due to links with terrorists . The allegations against Pillay should be investigated to prevent further tarnishing of UN as a corrupt, terrorist sympathising, pro imperialist organization.

(The writer can be reached at bn_slv@yahoo.co.uk )

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