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Zionist warmonger Ariel Sharon’s long struggle with death!

Price he pays for his dastardly crimes?

By Latheef Farook

(March 07, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) On December 18, 2005 Israel’s Prime Minister Sharon, drenched in Palestinian blood and regarded even by many Israelis as a
war criminal, suffered a mild stroke .Two weeks later on Wednesday 4 January 2006 he suffered a massive life threatening stroke and underwent around 16 hour surgery to drain blood from his brain.

Following day there were conflicting reports -some described him as dead during surgery while others stated that he was clinically dead .Five years later today he still remains clinically dead in a vegetative state oscillating between the two worlds.

Even a cursory glance of his life reveals Sharon as a blood thirsty war criminal and his bloody record has been extensively documented by British journalist David Hirst, Israeli sociologist Baruch Kimmerling and several others. However due to Western hypocrisy he was not placed in the dock at the International Criminal Court. Instead they hailed him as a “man of peace” .

This was not surprising because with Western collusion the Zionists started bringing Jews from all over the world especially from Russia to colonise Palestine as a prelude to creating the condition for the establishment of the state of Israel in violation of all accepted norms, human decency, principles and international laws. To achieve this objective the Zionists resorted to all types of violence to drive out Palestinians from their lands. Sharon is but one example in the ruthless Zionist leadership, a product of a racist ideology that values military and political skills above morality and human rights.

Sharon, grand son of an early migrant Russian Jewish family, was born in 1928 in Kfar Malal, ten miles from Tel Aviv. This was one of the first Jewish settlements in Palestine under a conspiracy hatched by Zionist Jewish leaders at the Swiss city of Basle in 1897 to drive out the Palestinians and create in their lands an exclusive racist of state Israel for Jews. His family name Scheinerman was changed to Sharon
His father, a farmer, gave him not a book to learn but a knife when he was only 13 to kill Palestinians to grab their lands. Thus since early in life hatred towards Palestinians was ingrained into his blood stream.

A year later in 1942 when he was 14 Sharon joined the Zionist Jewish terrorist organization Haganah, led by yet another terrorist turned Prime Minister Menachem Begin, which committed massacre after massacre of Palestinians. Since then Sharon’s history was nothing but genocide after genocide.

Sharon formed an elite group called “Unit 101”, nicknamed "the avengers", in 1950s and slaughtered with institutional support Palestinians in villages and refugee camps.In August 1953 he massacred 20 unarmed Palestinian civilians in El-Bureig refugee camp south of Gaza. Two months later he was selected by the Jewish state to kill the Palestinians in the village of Qibya. Sharon’s order to his gangs was "maximal killing and damage to property “

There Sharon and his Jewish thugs slaughtered 70 innocent Palestinian men, women, children and the aged on the night of October 14, 1953.Two third of the victims were harmless women and children. They moved from house to house, broke open them and "systematically and senselessly slaughtered" the residents before blowing up their homes and "clearing them" with fire and grenades.

A United Nations report said “bullet-riddled bodies near the doorways and multiple bullet hits on the doors of the demolished houses indicated that the inhabitants had been forced to remain inside until their homes were blown up over them. Commander E.H. Hutchison, a U.S. naval officer serving on the U.N. armistice monitoring commission, who investigated the slaughter, wrote "Here and there from between the rocks you could see a tiny hand or foot protruding." Sharon later said in an Israeli television documentary that “the raid was necessary and that he would do it again. In fact he did it on a larger scale.

Every fall in Qibya during the olive harvesting season, the memory of this genocide is kept alive in a mourning ceremony. A memorial plaque behind the village mosque honors Sharon's victims.

Once Sharon, who killed two women from the Arab village of Katama to provoke a Jordanian military response. His plan worked: 15 Palestinians made refugees by Jewish terror gangs were killed. There were instances when he was seen laughing as a junior Jewish terrorist tormented an old Arab and then shot him at close range, trapped and killed a peaceful Bedouin boy shepherding his flock and censured a junior officer for failing to kill two elderly Arabs encountered during a raid.

The culmination of Sharon's crime against Palestinians was when he invaded Lebanon in 1982 and killed more than 29,500 people—most of them civilians- and laid Beirut and much of the south of the country to waste.

Below-Palestinians driven out from their homes and lands by the Zionists Jews being massacred in the refugee camps in Sabra and Chatila under the supervision of Ariel Sharon-George Bush’s “ Man of Peace”.

Elaborating this genocide Palestinian website “The Electronic Intifada” stated that: As minister of defense Sharon orchestrated Israel's invasion of Lebanon to destroy the Palestine Liberation Organization’ s infrastructure in the region. According to the ”Third World Quarterly” over 29,500 Palestinians and Lebanese were either killed or wounded from 4 July 1982 through to 15 August 1982-40 percent were children.

During this invasion Ariel Sharon was also responsible for the massacre of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, on the southern outskirts of Beirut. The slaughter in the two contiguous camps at Sabra and Shatila took place from the evening of September 16, 1982 until the morning of September 18, 1982, in an area under the control of the Israeli armed forces. The perpetrators were members of the Phalange Christian militia, the Lebanese force that was armed by and closely allied with Israel since the onset of Lebanon's civil war in 1975. Prior to the massacre, Sharon had meetings with the Phalange forces.

For over 60 hours -- aided by an Israeli siege around the camps and guided by the light of Israeli flares -- Phalangist militia went through the camps, killing Palestinian and Lebanese civilians. Some were lined up against walls and mown down by machine-gun fire. Others were left in heaps on the floors of their homes or on the streets of the camps. Children were shot dead, women and girls were raped and mutilated and men were disemboweled prior to being executed. Whole families were murdered and the bodies were heaped into lorries and taken away, or buried in mass graves.

Though the exact number killed will never be known many knowledgeable sources put the total figure killed at around 3000.

Before the massacres of 1982, Philip Habib was President Reagan's special representative to Beirut .He was horrified by the ferocity of Sharon's assault on the city. Not long before he died, Habib was asked why he didn't stop the bloodshed. "I could see it," he said. "I told the Israelis they were destroying the city, that they were firing non-stop. They just said they weren’t. They said they weren’t doing that. I called Sharon on the phone. He said it wasn’t true. That damned man said to me on the phone that what I saw happening wasn't happening. So I held the telephone out of the window so he could hear the explosions. Then he said to me: 'What kind of conversation is this where you hold a telephone out of a window?'"

This massacre at Sabra and Shatilla was unequivocally condemned by the UN Security Council Resolution 521 of 19 September 1982.However there were no sanctions as in the case of Iraq and other Muslim countries when UN imposed crippling sanctions.

According to Western reports "the Israelis established observation posts on top of multi-storey buildings in the north-west quadrant of the Kuwaiti Embassy. From these posts, the naked eye has a clear view of several sections of the camps, including those parts of Shatila where piles of bodies were found. Throughout the night flares lit up the sky. They were fired at the rate of two a minute, as reported by an Israeli soldier from a mortar unit."

The findings of an official Israeli commission of inquiry -- chaired by Yitzhak Kahan, president of Israel's Supreme Court, found Ariel Sharon, among other Israelis, responsible for the massacre, although, as expected, it carefully sidestepped any accusation of direct involvement in the massacre and chose not to attempt to reconcile much of the contradictory testimony.

Judge Richard Goldstone, former chief prosecutor for the UN criminal tribunals for both the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and later Chairman of the UN committee to probe into Israeli crimes in Gaza in December 2008 and January 2009 said: "If the person who gave the command knows, or should know ... that there's a situation where innocent civilians are going to be injured or killed then that person is as responsible, in my book more responsible even, than the people who carry out the orders". Added to this Human Rights Watch urged the need for a criminal investigation into Sharon’s role in the massacre of civilians in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla.

Nineteen years later on 18 June 2001 a group of 28 Palestinian relatives of the victims of the Sabra and Shatila massacres filed a civil claim under Belgium's "war crime" law-a 1993 law that allows Belgian magistrates to try war-crimes cases no matter where they were committed.

Instead of bringing Sharon to trial, the Belgian government changed the law and dropped charges against Sharon - after a visit to Brussels by then US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld who threatened that NATO headquarters might be withdrawn from Belgian soil if the Belgians didn't drop the charges against Sharon. Finally in June 2002, the Belgian court dismissed the case.

But for everyone who stood in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in Beirut on 18 September 1982, his name is synonymous with butchery; with bloated corpses and disemboweled women and dead babies, with rape and pillage and murder.

These horrendous crimes proved to be only a temporary hiccup in Sharon's blood soaked barbarous political career. Sharon’s barbarity continued unabated. This time Sharon, guarded by around 1000 armed Israeli soldiers and aimed at provoking Palestinians, visited al-Haram ash-Sharif, Islam’s third Holiest Mosque in Jerusalem on 28 September 2000 and sparked off the second Intifada that has since killed hundreds of Palestinians.

Once again the United Nations Human Rights Commission condemned Israel on 19 October 2000, in a resolution titled, "Grave and massive violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people by Israel,".However as usual the UN failed to take any concrete action to punish the Zionists for their barbarity.

In spite of all his savage record Sharon was elected Prime Minister of Israel on 6 February 2001 to the shock of the civilized world. Electing a person with such criminal past as prime minister of a country, established on robbed Palestinians, doesn’t take place in a civilized society. However in Israel this has been a common phenomenon as his predecessors were equally soaked in Palestinian blood.

The world expected the political leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, France and other places who so vociferously shout about human rights, freedom, democracy and the like to boycott Sharon and Israel. However all these cherished values are not applicable to Zionist Jews and the State of Israel as political establishments in all these countries are subservient and the politicians there have been the products of Jewish lobbies.

Instead, quite shamelessly these very same leaders of the so called civilized west received Sharon with warmth and respect, shook his blood drenched hands .In other words it was business as usual for US, UK, France and other Western countries with Israel. The pinnacle of this hypocrisy and collaboration was when Sharon was invited to address the United Nations 60th General Assembly where he also received the applause of the international community that had been blackmailed by the US.

As prime minister he continued his killing spree unabated with the complete backing of George Bush. In April 2002 he despatched troops to the densely populated West Bank Palestinian civilian refugee camp in Jenin where he massacred, according to senior Palestinian Nabila Shaath, around 500 Palestinians. He also accused Israel of carrying out summary executions and removing corpses in refrigerated trucks.

Though the carnage attracted swift condemnation even from Israel’s friends such as Britain and Europe, Bush praised Sharon as a “man of peace”, and criticized Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat for not bringing an end to “terrorism.” Bush was in direct complicity in the war-crimes being perpetrated on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Instead of trying him for his war crimes Sharon was rewarded with an address to the UN- smacks of the most stinging hypocrisy and shameless disregard for international law. Instead of expelling Israel from the UN for the perpetual violations of its founding charter, or its continual disregard for its resolutions, the international community offered a sickening array of congratulations towards Israel. The occupation's daily violations of international law and the complete refusal to accept the decision of the International Court of Justice to tear down the apartheid wall were downgraded to minor details.

As pointed out by a columnist in Cairo the UN's move to host Sharon is as murderous as the state and the career he represented. By accepting to support Israeli ploys, governments and the media carry the same responsibility for the destruction of Palestinian lives and land as the occupation army that protected the Phalangist militia and pointed the flashlights for the butchers of Sabra and Shatila.

Yet another terrible massacre, praised by Sharon as a "great success" - was the attack on the Hamas leader Salah Shehada and the slaughter of nine of his children along with eight adults. Their names gave a frightful reality to this child carnage: 18-month-old Ayman Matar, three-year-old Mohamed Matar, five-year-old Diana Matar, four-year-old Sobhi Hweiti, six-year-old Mohamed Hweiti, 10-year-old Ala Matar, 15-year-old Iman Shehada, 17-year-old Maryam Matar. And Dina Matar. The youngest was just two months old. An Israeli air force pilot dropped a one-ton bomb on their homes from an American-made F-16 aircraft on 22 July 2002.

On 22 March 2004 Sharon also ordered and monitored the assassination of Hamas' spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Is that all? Longtime confidant to Sharon, Uri Dan, in his book accused Ariel Sharon of murdering Yasser Arafat by poisoning him. Dan claimed Sharon got approval from George Bush by phone early in 2004 to proceed with his plan after he told the US president he was no longer committed to "not" liquidating the Palestinian leader who then was under siege and practically incarcerated in what remained of his Ramallah compound, most of which had already been destroyed by the Israelis in a lawless act of retribution against him.

In fact more than six months before Sharon suffered his heart attack mediaeval rituals were conducted on him Jewish extremists. For example in July 2005, Ariel Sharon was targeted by Jewish extremists with an ancient kabbalistic death curse known in the Aramaic language as a “pulsa denura” or “lash of fire”, showing the combination of politics and religious extremism at the heart of the current Middle East crisis.

The pulsa denura, like most curses, is understood to be dangerous to the person who casts it as well as the person at whom it is aimed. The ceremony took place at midnight on the eve of the Sabbath, performed by a Kabbalist who led 20 men in prayer. One participant described it: “It was done in a beautiful cemetery with a thick forest around it, under a Full Moon.

However this very same Sharon was received by Egypt’s oppressive dictator Hosni Mubarak at the Presidential Palace in Cairo in an unprecedented humiliation to Egypt known for its ancient civilizations, rich history and contributions to human civilization. Entire water flowed through Nile since time immemorial is not sufficient to wash this humiliation in a city where Salahuddin Ayubi is buried. One cannot expect anything better from Hosni Mubarak who sold his country to US and the Zionists for an annual feel of $ 1.5 billion-the money he used to buy the opposition.

In yet another disgraceful development Sharon was received by India, world’s largest democracy hijacked by Hindu fascists whose enmity and hatred towards Muslims brought them and the Zionist Jews together. However the fierce opposition to Sharon’s visit in the Indian media and from the people demonstrated that the Indian people still respected basic human values though the government lost its dignity by allowing Sharon, a man of violence, to step into the soil of India- the land of non violence.

It is not only the West, India and rotten Arab dictators but even Pakistan’s disgraced dictator and US stooge Pervez Musharraf, also soaked in the blood of innocent Muslims including those religious scholars and students he slaughtered in the Red Mosque to please George Bush , also was quite shameless in rushing to shake hands with Sharon.

War monger George Bush received Sharon at White House as “A Man of Peace”. One of course one could not have expected anything better from George Bush who also committed genocide after genocide killing Muslims when he invaded Iraq and killed around 1.4 million innocent Iraqis besides slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent and impoverished Afghans, Palestinians, Somalis and others. His so called war on terrorism has proved to be nothing but a crusade against Islam and Muslims.

And to think that this very same George Bush was honored with the highest national award by Saudi dictator King Abdullah who went all the way to United States to hand over the award is deeply painful insult to the entire Muslim world. One cannot forget that it were Saudi rulers who provided George Bush with all required facilities to invade, rape and ravage Iraq- the successor to ancient Mesopotamia which is widely held to have been the first cradle of human civilization, the seat of the Abbasid caliphate which ushered in the golden era of Islamic history and an oil rich almost developed country with all modern amenities.

And this King Abdullah is the Custodian of the Holy Mosques in Makka and Madina.This is the shameful reality and plight of the worldwide Muslims-one fourth of the global population.

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