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Election results has proven General’s voice cannot be imprisoned : Anoma

(April 10, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Democratic National Alliance says that the people have proved that the vision and voice of General Sarath Fonseka cannot be imprisoned. The DNA made this statement at a media briefing convened to comment on the election.

All members representing the DNA were present at the media briefing.
“This is joy derived out of the victory of the General. The public and everyone else have now realized that through he has been imprisoned it is difficult to imprison his vision and his voice. When I told him his news he silently expressed his joy. He had obtained 98, 456. and a percentage of 88.95,”said Anoma Fonseka.

“A new symbol, a new alliance. We formed this Alliance within a short span of one month, while the leader of the alliance was imprisoned. The government tried to stop his voice from reaching the people by imprisoning him. However the people decided that they need his voice,” said Vijitha Herath.

Meanwhile a journalist questioned the members of the DNA about whether they will be working with the UNP in parliament.

“We are anyway a party in the opposition. We will get involved in all the positive steps taken for the sake of the country. We will render our support. At the same time we will protest if something dangerous is happening to the country. That is where we need to work together in parliament. When required we will work separately,” he added.

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