(April 05, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Persons involved in a fast unto death campaign demanding the release of Gen Sarath Fonseka opposite the Fort Railway station were allegedly abducted by policemen in civvies, a lawyer appearing on behalf of the protestors told courts today.

Our correspondent confirmed that the policemen who accompanied their colleagues in civvies carried the Buddhist monks and the proestors into a bus and took them away.

"One of the monks who tried to get off the bus was slapped and drawn back into the bus", he said.

Attorney at law, Gunaratna Wanninayaka told Colombo Additional Magistrate Gihan Ranawaka that he had confirmation that the men in civvies were policemen and if the police could dispute the claim they could make a statement under oath.

The case came before the Magistrate when the police filed action claiming that the protestors were unlawfully blocking the path of the pedestrians and it was causing obstruction to them. The case is due to be taken up later in the day.