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Policy of creating zero Expectations


(May 01, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Now that Mervin Silva is the minister for media, it can be said that the things are as crazy as it can be. This government is doing as much as it can to create zero level of expectations. Expect nothing and you shall not be disappointed seem to be the loud message.

New Ministers message is that media will be allowed to state only the truth. The truth is that the government is very good. No one will be allowed to say anything contrary. Naturally all truthful minister is a no nonsense guy. People who write lies are rats. And the minister does not like rats.

His concern for truth is so much, he is worrying about it all the time. He says quite openly that he does not even have any time for his wife. Zeal for truth is such he has even closed liquor shops in his electorate, so as not to allow these things to disturb him. No more drug sales in country also, in this new age.

Minster who has developed such a nice image for himself, is now very concerned about the country’s image. No one will be allowed to tarnish it he has declared. No more talk about unbearable living conditions, povery and other imaginary non-sense.

When you stop talking about hardships, hard ships ceases to exist. Those who have eyes to see will see that they are living in the paradise.

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