Any independent inquiry must look into LTTE men killed in custody.

(June 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to reliable sources the Sri Lankan government is engaged in an image building exercise after engaging in secret extra judicial execution of the captured LTTE men and women.

According a reliable source who wishes to maintain anonymity and be a witness in a safe and independent inquiry, scores of armed LTTE cadres surrendered to the government forces have been executed secretly by the security establishment.

Further inquiries reveal that these LTTE persons have surrendered in front of the family members and friends during the last stages of war between the government forces and the LTTE. They have seen them been taken away by the army.

The distraught family members had pleaded with the army for their safety and release for the past one year. According to family members, the army had confirmed to them that the LTTE members were safe and are going through rehabilitation process. Within the past couple of weeks the army had told the family members that they are unable to trace anyone they are looking for and are asserting that they were never been in their custody.

According to sources the recent mass marriage is not for the hardcore LTTE men and women. The majority of them were in the LTTE’s administrative wing. A former LTTE fighter in anonymity confirmed that he knows some of the faces. They were definitely involved in the administrative sector and the government is projecting them as hardcore LTTE combatants.

A relative of LTTE poet Puthuvai Rathinathurai told the Sri Lanka Guardian in anonymity that even the military is washing their hands off on the whereabouts of him and he fears for the poet’s fate.