Food For All At Cheap Prices

Rourkela, India

(August 11, Bangalore, Sri Lanka Guardian) Food for all at cheap prices was the call of the Fourth National Convention on Right to Food held at Rourkela , India, which started on the 6th August. The the first days session was attended by about 2000 people.

Your browser may not support display of this image. “Supreme Court has ordered on the 27th of July, 2010, that not a single grain should be wasted and its should be distributed to the hungry, so I would like to give a call to all the people, dalit, adivasis that since the Government will never distribute the grains, let us take the grain away and distribute it to the people, and implement the SC orders so that nobody ever sleeps hungry”, this was journalist P. Sainath giving the key note address.

At this Convention many important problems regarding obtaining of food at cheap prices will be discussed. On the first days discussion problem of malnuitrition was discussed by many participants.

Showing the seriousness of the situation of malnutrition in the country, Dr. Binayak Sen, Vice President of the PUCL, said that the data of the National Bureau of Nutrition showed that more than 33 percent of all adult people are malnourished, as such they lived in a situation of forever famine. It was this situation that needed to be addressed today by the Government, its failure to do so showed that the welfare project of the Indian State was over.

He convention will last for three days.