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Like KP , Sakiwithi also must be included in the President’s ideal team

Political Comment

(August 08, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) President Rajapaksa is unique in the way he solves problems.

He has integrated KP to his strategy to solve problems of North and East. In other countries, KP's like would be treated among the worst of criminals. He would have been interrogated thoroughly by the best of investigators. The entirety of his deeds would have been recorded. This record would have been studied by the prosecutors . Then criminal charges would have been filed. That would have been followed by a public trial.

People would have had a chance to hear all the evidence in the trial. Then the court would have pronounce the verdict.

The President Rajapaksa does not believe in that kind of nonsense. He has taken KP to his ideal team.

Sakwithi can be the next to join this team.With the wisdom that reside in the mind of people like KP and Sakwithi, the Mahinda Chinthanaya can be implemented.

During the next election Sakwithi’s intelligence can ensure even a greater victory for him.

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