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BANGLADESH: Human Rights Defender in Critical Condition After Attack by Army

(April 30, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) A Bangladeshi Human Rights Defender F M A Razzak brutally tortured in Army Officer's house by the military officer's brother and relatives in the midst of extreme inaction by the authorities of the country on early hours in this morning ( 30th April, 2011), the Sri Lanka Guardian correspondent in Dhaka reported short while ago.

Initially Razzak's wife informed the Sri Lanka Guardian that the hospital doctors told her that Razzak was "dead".  After about an hour other doctors found Razzak alive! But his two eyes are gauged out and right leg and hand are seriously fractured. Doctors fear that he may become blind forever with permanent disability in his right limbs. Razzak is referred by Khulna Medical College Hospital to Dhaka Medical Collage Hospital for treatment. He is alive in critical condition.

More details will follow …..

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