Australian Film-Maker Stopped by Police in Koodankulam, Tamil Nadu

( October 26, 2012, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Amid conflicting reports about detention of Australian Film-maker David Bradbury in Koodankulam, we are posting below the updates as we receive them. After deportation of a German tourist and 3 Japanese activists, this is yet another move of stifling democracy by the Government which must be condemned in strongest terms.

David and his family were detained, interrogated and reportedly released by the police yesterday. However, they have been unreachable, and their whereabouts are not yet known. Their Indian cellphone number is also unreachable. Reporters who spoke to the police said that the police insisted that they were not arrested, and merely asked to leave the district.

They were stopped at Thomas Mandapam, and taken to Radhapuram Police Station and subsequently released. He was on a business visa. A policeman from Radhapuram PS said idinthakarai was off-limits because Section 144 had been declared there. Chennai too has had Section 144 since time immemorial. next time bill gates visits chennai, I’ll make sure I’ll tip the police off.

Australia’s best-known documentary film-maker, David Bradbury, was prevented by the Tamil Nadu Police from entering Idinthakarai. It is reported that he was stopped at Thomas Mandapam, a few kilometers before Idinthakarai, by the police and taken to Radhapuram Police Station. The detention is likely to have international ramifications given the stature of Bradbury as a film-maker “who will go to any length” to do a film about a cause he believes in.