Bangladesh has to face more sabotage in near future

| by Swadesh Roy  

( December 3, 2012, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheik Hasina has said in the parliament that, her government is under the threat of different type of sabotage. Last few days a number of people have attacked on the police of the country and now they are setting fire in the garments. One of her minister Mr. Afsrul Amin said in the parliament that they had seen after the liberation of Bangladesh that some people sat fire in the jute storage and now some people are setting fire in the garments.
Bangladesh is now the second highest garment exporting country in the world. The American ambassador in Bangladesh has said that, Bangladesh will be the top most garment exporter country within very short because china has to give up this industry due to their labour cost. So America will withdraw their investment in garment from china and they want to invest it in Bangladesh because Bangladesh has a large number of expert young garment worker and they work in a tiny salary. So Bangladesh will be able to produce at a low cost. Besides that, the government of America has given assurance that, they will give the facility to Bangladesh to enter its garment in the American market in duty free. That’s why the future of the garment industry of Bangladesh is very bright. However, it may be said that, there is some lack of the owner of garment of Bangladesh so sometimes some factory caught by the fire but it is true something is behind some incidents. 

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In the first year of the present government some unrest situation took place in the garment factory then government had arrested two labour leaders, that gave a good result on the other hand the Prime Minister of the present government took initiative for fixing the wage of the garment worker and she became successful. But it is true that, worldwide food prize has increased so the living cost of the workers have been increased. Therefore it is a practical demand from the worker there wage has to be increased. Government has increased the wage of the government worker. Most of the private organization has increased the wage of their workers but it is true some garment factory didn’t. Despite government has provided some facilities to the garment workers. Government gives them rice at a low price. Government has a plan to give them more necessary commodities at low price. So now the unrest of the garment factory has come down but in the mean time setting fire has created a new problem. 

Prime Minister of the country has said in the parliament that it is sabotage. She also indicated that, the people who has been attacking police since 5th November, they are doing this sabotage. People of Bangladesh even at aboard know that, in Bangladesh from the last 5th November the student organization of Jama-e- Islami Bangladesh has been attacking police since 5th November. So the Prime Minister’s  indication is clear that, Jamat-e-Islami Bangladesh is doing this. The home minister also visits the damaged factory and said that it is sabotage we are investigating it and culprit will be arrested. In the mean time police have arrested three people. In addition to that police have got a video footage; it is a documentation of the sabotage. In this video footage, it is showing that, one worker is going hurry and putting something under a table and she returns very quickly but in the meantime flame starts under the table.    Police have already arrested the girl and she confessed that, one Mizan who is a management worker of this garments committed her that, if she does it, she will get 20,000 taka ( $250). Therefore this incident proves that, it was a conspiracy and it is doing for destroying the good will of the garment sector. But government is not taking it in this way that, it is only for the destroying the good will of the garment sector; government is saying that, it is a conspiracy to destabilize the government because government is trailing the war criminals. Jamat-e-Islam is a party who did not recognize Bangladesh and their leaders and workers  fought against the freedom fighter of the Bangladesh even they helped killing the civilian of Bangladesh in 1971. Besides that, they were the main culprit who killed the intellectual of Bangladesh. 

However, Bangladesh is unlucky, they could not trial them due to the military rule. In the mean time a new generation has grown up and they gave the verdict in last election in favor of trial of the war criminal. According to the verdict of the people present government has started the trial. Now some of the trials are almost finished; the verdict of the court will come soon. Accused persons  and their followers are thinking that verdict will be sentence to death. So they are now desperate. They are attacking police they are setting fire in the garments even then in the rally of opposition leader of the parliament they are giving life threat to the prime minister. 

On the other hand Prime Minister is saying firmly that in any cost she will finish the trial of the war criminal. But it is true; Bangladesh might have to face more sabotage in near future because, war criminals have lot of money and a group of well trained terrorist. Their student organization is mentioned by the American state department as a terrorist organization.   

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