Gangnam style in 2013

| by Victor Cherubim

( January 4, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The hook line created by the South Korean rapper Psy’s –“Gangnam style” became the global music, dance and mimic phenomenon of the past six months of 2012, just gone.

Viewed around 940 million times on You Tube, everyone has wanted to dance it.

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A comic horsey dance in which participants ride in an invisible horse and twirl an invisible lasso, has suddenly become a health threat to those unused to vigorous activity or physical exercise, as it could cause a new disease called “CE” or simply “collective exuberance.”

This “K-pop” single has also a deeper meaning. In Korean, “Gangnam” means south of the river. It refers to the district south of the river Han in Seoul, where the “nouveau riche” with upscale fashion and “designer threads” are the trendsetters.

“It is not style, it is Gangnam style.” The Troops from the 4th Mechanised Brigade at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan performed their own “gangnam style” dance this Christmas. Well before that, the Boys at Eton did a parody called “Eton Style, “in their quadrangle, as they danced the night away. Small wonder Boris Johnson told the Tory Conference that both he and David Cameron did the “Eton style” at Chequers.

People with “Gangnam Style” do not end up at Macdonalds. In a Sri Lankan context “gangnam style” possibly could mean, “who needs food when you got “gangnam style.”

On a much more serious note, “Gangnam” refers to the icon of the rapid economic development of South Korea in the 1970’s and ‘80’s,mostly benefitted from skyrocketing house prices, followed by planned economic development.

In Sri Lanka too, we are proud of our phenomenal development after the near 30 year war, thanks to our “Gangnam Style” Janadhipathi. There was no doubt that we needed to be conscious of a development, but development to fit our way of life and fit in the dimension of our island nation.

We may now need to move on from “Gangnam” to the “C Style.” Even if the Maya moment, is gone and we have survived doomsday, we still are not out of the woods. Chaos may yet ensue. We need to be able to adjust to the vagaries of the times. We can shape the things to come by following the “C Style.”

What then is “C” style? It is not a fashion icon of 2013, though fashion moves from concave and convex shapes in the creation of garments, with visual seams highlighting the curving angles and adds visual interest. It is not a type of dance style, though it is becoming clear that the “Gangnam Style,” has possibly given way. I wish it was a “Cherub style”- a new symbol of confidence of how we hope to cope with life in 2013.As we need a creative expression to combat the chaos of our time; we may easily refer to the Five “C’s as a way of managing the rapid change we may encounter in 2013. Our lifestyle may be coloured in the following ways:

Cost-effective living
Choice awareness
Convenience approach
Confidence in thought
Comfort and joy

All we need to do is to appreciate the enormity of what we avoided in the year passed and approach the New Year with “C Style.”Cost is definitely important to our daily lifestyle in 2013. While Choice,our Convenience, Confidence and Comfort are also not to be forgotten.

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