The right to due process of law

 | by Victor Cherubim

( January 10, 2013,  London, Sri Lanka Guardian) If a person has a right to “due process “what then is the process due?”

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With the plethora of voices, from all quarters, some from learned judges, and some from

“old and the new guard” in government, some from the opposition,”  some from people who question that “we are lacking in logic,” the people are confident that due process will prevail.

One view even states:”the concentration of governing power in hands of a small group of people, has irked a majority of the government for some time,” perhaps referring to the Judiciary, which could well have coloured this process.

For some others, due process has been lacking and “it has irked the majority of the people, some of the time.”  This state of affairs which we face “in the moment”, appears to be a” process that is descending into shambles.” For the large majority of citizens however, awaiting an outcome of this constitutional quagmire, it may well give the impression, as summary justice.

In the mode of the blame game, things have become clouded. It will only make things worse if “due process” is now, not followed.

Billy Ocean’s song “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” may convey a different nuance. When the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge. This is not democracy in action. It is theatre, a tragedy of sorts.

It is also psychologically tenable to accept that “those who act tough will vacate their position when it becomes difficult, lest they be proven not as tough as they appear.” Thus we may not call it, “the dopamine of chauvinism, but a pantomime of a so called “open society.”

We are well aware in our land, to promote theatre. Some politicians are weary “why there are no protests, shall we say “riots in the streets with so much confusion around?”

We can remind them in no uncertain terms, that our people are generally calm, not “hot heads.” The people are well experienced to many disruptions in our recent history, the 1989-91 uprising, and the recent near 30 year war, are cases in point. We have had these so called “convulsions” and then the people have rightly gone into a silent mode of “rebuilding lives, and the consequent disruption of human relationships that this has caused.”

This has been our story; this has been our recent history.

Well, what can be done to overcome the present impasse, to get back on track to reconstruct, rehabilitate and re-energise the people to peaceful living?

Though we love to shake up our governments from time to time, by challenging entrenched positions, typically creativity does not follow a smooth well defined path. It is programming our minds – of both people and the arms of government to boost our livelihood, our productivity, picturing things in our mind’s eye as happening in greater detail and learning how to construct the reality, we truly deserve and earnestly want.

Hardly do we need to use the “self destruct” button. We have the power to visualise and action specific behaviours or events occurring in our lifetimes –floating our fantasies, allowing the Universe to bring them into manifestation.
A good example of this “creative visualisation”, is what the people of London achieved.

to recreate and re-energise with people of all races, creeds, colour, age, disability and other diversity, for the Olympics, and how it “turned on,” the vast majority of people to celebrate Great Britain Ltd.

This mental build-up was not created overnight, but took over four years to deliver. What was achieved by this visualisation was phenomenal.

A problem into an opportunity became switched on by “creative visualisation.” It overturned the mindset of gloom and despair caused by the credit crunch, unemployment, and prejudice. Thus, life became a sport, a “fun mode.” It was a creative expression, a relationship building process, which everyone had fun creating, together with a “fun” Mayor Boris Johnson. People accepted the hardships of weekend disruption in travel and transport, as a goal to be patient for achievement. Any form of disruption was overcome, in the name of Sport.

It was putting “power back to the people through the medium of sport.” Our leaders too, we hope will exercise due process, by giving power to the people, and overcome the impasse by reaching a win/win situation, with space for all three arms of government, through “creative visualisation.”

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