Sir Lanka creates nightmare for International diplomacy- Canada

( March 6, 2013, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Member of Parliament for Mississaugua-Streetsville, Brad Butt’s sentiments expressed during the interview gives a clear picture of a Government conspicuously steering in the direction, conscious to the Canadian spirit at large.

Besides the looming larger issues of the state of the Canadian economy, unemployment, religious freedom and First Nations issues, which are common to all Canadians, Mr. Butt’s in-depth knowledge of the appalling state of human rights in many concerned countries stands out during the conversation.

Though Sri Lanka has been continuously denying the Global voice of reason, the leadership that is being played by the Government of Canada as being told by Hon. Butt, gives hope to those, whose human rights and dignity have been denied; worse, put to rest through war crimes. The culmination of voice of fairness that’s been raised in International forums and bodies, notably in the United Nations, has allowed Canada to reiterate its commitment towards responsible governance and accountability. Sri Lanka, which has even rejected the recommendations prescribed by its own truth and Reconciliation committee, has become a nightmare to international diplomacy and cooperation.

He further said "Canada is not satisfied...continue to be gravely concerned as we learn more".
The MP Butt clearly demonstrates his knowledge on the merits of Canadian moral persuasion and silent diplomacy – but at the same time draws his praise to the strengthening US position on the subject and the influence Canada holds among its allies and friends. He also gives credit to the Canadian Opposition Parties in the Parliament, who have given priority and support to Government’s actions in regards to the violations and failing reconciliation efforts in Sri Lanka.

It is no doubt that MP Brad Butt’s sentiments not only provides the efforts of Canada which has a traditional moral leadership in the International arena, but continue to seek fairness, equality and respect for diversity, both at home, and in the core of its foreign policy.

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