Deceitful schemes of Budu Bala Sena - Part III

| by A patriotic Lankan

( April 6, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Immediately after defeating LTTE Srilankan government wrote LLRC report to reconcile communal conflict and create communal harmony. It is ironic that within two years of writing LLRC report BBS has openly spread its hatred and yet, no action has been taken against it. In each and every demonstration BBS members have displayed racial hatred and vulgar language openly. More than hundred evidences could be produced in this regards about their hate campaign. It is BBS that spread hatred about Muslims in Srilanka. For this they should be summoned to court and actions should be taken against them. It is a common sense that BBS would not have spoken in this vulgar language without some political backings and support. The entire would knows that and truth will prevail one day and each and every Srilankan will know all these dramas sooner or later.

Is it fair that one man kills millions of people yet spares the punishment or gets one punishment for his grave crimes? Human conscience tells us that he should have equal punishment in accordance to the gravity and magnitude of his crimes.
It is ironic to note that these Buddhist fundamentalists staged hate campaigns against innocent Muslims and Muslim clerics with the support of this government and yet, they did not realise that every action has its own reaction in this world. It is said in an Arabic parlance “As you treat others you will be treated. BBS made attempts to defame Muslim clerics in Srilanka. Ironically and coincidently some innocent Buddhists were insulted in India at same time. Dose BBS have any common sense to learn lessons from this incident. If you try to bully another innocent people you will be bullied by someone else.

This is exactly what happened to Buddhist monks in India. I do not endorse these attacks on innocent monks in India at all. These monks are innocent visitors to India and I really condemn these attacks and these Tamil Nadu LTTE supporters should be punished. But, I draw a comparison between actions of BBS and these LTTE supporters who attacked these monks. The notion of justice is unconditional to all under all circumstances. Injustice is injustice whether it is done by BBS or LLTE supporters.

There are some moral and physical laws in this world and once you break those moral and physical laws you will be punished. Whoever breaks these laws they are punished. One of these moral laws is that whoever does injustice and aggression should be punished in this world or Next world. These punishments may be temporal in this world so that humanity could see the consequence of their actions like that of what happened to Great Pharaoh of Egypt or these punishments could come in the form of natural disaster like that of tsunami or Earth quakes or other type of calamities. It may be superpowers like Americans and Indians or Lankans who make aggression on innocent Muslims in Srilanka today. People who commit Injustice and aggression will be definitely meet consequences of their actions. 

Do you think that Hitler will not be accounted for his crimes to humanity? Do you think that Sadam Husain or Qadafi spares punishments for the crimes they committed to humanity? They tasted some punishments in this world and yet, human conscience tells us that these criminals have done grave crimes and they deserve to be punished hundred times or thousand times for the crimes they have done. The physical laws of this temporal world do not permit to punish these criminal thousand times for the crimes that they have committed to humanity: Because Hitler, Sadam or Qadafi could be punished once only according to physical laws of this world: i.e. they could be executed once only in this world.

Is it fair that one man kills millions of people yet spares the punishment or gets one punishment for his grave crimes? Human conscience tells us that he should have equal punishment in accordance to the gravity and magnitude of his crimes. Yet, physical laws of this world do not permit us apply such multiple punishments for any multiple crimes. This begs one question. That is to say that our conscience tells that there must be a Next world or moral world beyond all these physical laws to punish criminals or reward good people. We Muslims believe in that eternal world once all human beings are perished humanity will be resurrected on that Day of Reckoning. Therefore, I warn BBS and its cohorts that you may spread all fabrications and false accusations with the support of your government. You may do all injustice and aggression on innocent Muslim community and yet, you all will be definitely accounted for your actions in this world or Next world.

We know well that you do not believe in that Eternal Day of Judgement and yet, Time has come to you to make some intellectual pursuit to realise this eternal truth about human life. Please do not think that once dead body is burned man’s life is over for ever. This is your perception of life. Or you may think that human soul incarnate into another form of human being or animal once man dies. Or some of you may think that once dead man’s body is buried it becomes dust and nothing else. All these are wrong perceptions. Rather than arguing about Halal and haram food Time has come to BBS and its supporter to open their minds and try to understand about fundamental teaching of Islam: Rather than bullying Muslim people they should understand real meaning of religion of Islam.

Rather than debating and engaging in unnecessary arguments BBS should be debating about fundamental questions of human life: Where do we come from? Where does man come from? Does he originate from monkeys as Darwinism says? What is the real purpose life on this earth? Do we live on this earth just to eat and drink same as animals do or otherwise, do we have some supreme objectives in our life? Where do we all go after temporal life on earth? Do we all become dust after death as some atheists argue? What is the real meaning human life on earth? These are some of the philosophical questions that these monks and clerics should be arguing rather than spearing hatred among communities. 

Muslim community should thank BBS and its supporters for educating Singhalese community about Islam and Muslims. Indeed, they have open up the hearts and minds of Singhalese/ Tamil communities to learn about Islam. Singhalese and Tamils people are now leaning about Halal and Haram. They are now learning about basic teaching of Islam: They now reading the Quran in all three languages to know about Islam and its teaching. It is said that more Quran copies were sold in America after 9/11. More American people became Muslims in the post 9/11 periods than prior to 9/11. Still western people are becoming Muslims reading the Holy Book of the Islam. Thanks to Mr Bush for his advertising Islam globally. In the same way; more Singhalese people are reading Quran today than ever before. BBS has done a greater job for Muslims in Srilanka. Muslim people do not need to engage in Islamic preaching or propagation an Islamic advertisement has already been done by BBS on behalf of Muslim community. 

As Muslim we should thank for BBS for encouraging and educating Singhalese mass on Islam and Quran: Now the Holy Quran is readily available in Singhalese language and unlike in the past Singhalese public have access to internet networks they could easily learn about Islam: They foundation for such Islamic learning pursuit laid by BBS and for that reason we should thank BBS and its supporters. We have been living hundreds of years in this beautiful Island and yet, we were unable to reach out with Islamic messages to the millions of Singhalese people but all praise to be Almighty Allah that He made BBS and its supporters to take this Islamic message to the hearts of millions of Singhalese people. 

What more is that more than 1.7 millions Singhalese people are already learning about Islam and Muslims in Middle Eastern countries? Some Singhalese house maids and workers know about Islam and Muslim culture more than Srilanka Muslims. Some of these Singhalese house maids and workers speak fluently in Arabic than traditional Muslims in Srilanka. It would not be entirely wrong if some one argue that today more Singhalese people speak Arabic than traditional Muslims in Srilanka. Because, today more Singhalese are working in Muslim countries or have worked in Muslim countries in the Middle East and have acquired cultural knowledge of Islam and Muslims. Therefore, proportionately one could argue that Singhalese are more fluent in Arabic than some of traditional Muslims in Srilanka. 

It is true that some of Singhalese or Srilankan Muslim house maids are tortured in some of Middle Eastern countries. No doubt that some isolated incidents have taken places in this regards and we can not generalise to say that every house maid is subjected to some forms of torture. If it is true that how come millions of Srilankan Singhalese people work in the Middle East today. If it is true how come some house maids from Srilanka are married to Arab people in Middle East countries and settled down there permanently. I know well that some of these house maids are looked after well and even treated as their own household people.

Some of these people become Muslims because of universal Islamic brotherhood. Muslim people believe that humanity is one and human race is one. There is no superiority for Arabs over Non Arabs. No superiority for white man over black man. One cast has no superiority over another or one tribe over another. Islam theoretically speaking: there is no any tribalism at all in Islam: In the eyes of God every one is equal and only he knows that who is better and who is near to God. Once you become a Muslim all your sins are forgiven and you becomes pure as new born babies. Islam declares that humanity is one and human race is one. Diversity in human race is a divine beauty and Islam recognises such diversity and religious freedom is a fundamental principle of Islam. 

All these concepts have attracted millions of people into Islam in every corner of the world: Why do you think that thousands of people become Muslim every year. It is not because of the behaviours of Muslims today rather it is of Islamic teachings and doctrines universal brotherhood. If BBS is complaining and groaning about the spread of Islam among Singhalese they could only stop all these house maids and workers from entering Muslim countries in the Middle East. What would be the economic consequences of such move? I challenge BBS if they could do it. Do you think that people will be ready to listen to that call to stop from sending housemaids? Can BBS feed millions of poor Singhalese families? Moreover, can BBS control hearts and minds of people who want to become Muslims? BBS should think practically rather than creating social upheaval and mayhems. 

Danger comes to Srilanka not from Muslim communities or Muslim countries rather a real danger comes to Srilanka from Tamil Nadu as it stands today. With its 74. Million Tamil populations TN has already made many threats and intimidation to the integrity and sovereignty of this small Island. Rather than we all Srilankan face this huge challenge today why BBS wants to create more mayhem in within Srilanka communities. Today, all politicians in TN have come together against Srilanka some of these BBS do not understand this threat but they make more troubles in Srilanka to further isolate Sirlanka from international communities. We all should know our limitations when we deal with other communities.

To be continued next week

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