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Blood Bath in Egypt

| by Dr. Rifai

( July 28, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is generally feared that Egypt could become one of killing fields in Muslim world. Today more than 120 MB members have been butchered in a day light massacre, by the remnants of Pro Mubarak Junta. Horrific nature of killings has been revealed by some media and YouTube clips. It is reported up to now more than two hundred members of Pro Mursi demonstrators have been killed. More than 700 protestors have been injured. People in Ibrahim mosque in Alexandria have been besieged during the break fast time yesterday. Children, ladies and elderly people are besieged. They are not allowed to break fast. People have been shot in cold blood. Police and military thugs killed people in cold blood. Even helicopters have been used to shoot people on the ground. what type of military is this? What is the difference between Assad regime and Egyptian military? Graphic images of killings are now coming out from Egypt. This would not have been take place without an order from the top military apparatus.

It is a horrific genocide by the army that is supposed to protect people. This is perpetrated by remnants of Pro Mubarak groups and secularists. It is perpetrated by thugs who want to loot and robe Egypt as they have been doing under Mubarak. Although Mubarak is gone now his cronies and cohorts are still active in Egypt. All government departments are controlled by these cronies. Most of security and military officers are his agents and supporters. Although the military dictator Mubarak was overthrown his cronies are still alive and active. Therefore, until those thugs and thieves are removed from high ranking posts and positions the notion of revolution in Egypt would not have any meaning. . That is what exactly happened here in Egypt today. People removed crook Mubarak and yet, his cornies managed to do all dirty works. During the Mursi’s presidency they did all atrocities. They plotted to over throw President Mursi for more than one year.

Unless and until those cronies and looters of public money are removed from politics any revolution would be meaningless in Egypt. Those thugs do not have religion or remorse. They are murders and butchers. They would kill people in cold blood. See what happened in this holy month of Ramadan without any remorse or human feeling. These thugs killed innocent and unarmed people in front of world media. Media footages show how these thugs are shooting innocent people. What evidence international communities need to have than this live footage of shooting? What more pathetic is these military junta have denied to bury the bodies of those killed by these thugs. Why do they fear to give bodies of martyrs? The Egyptian military is worried that if they release the bodies, the international community would know who the real culprits of this mass genocide are and moreover, they are also worried this will draw more sympathy towards MB locally and internationally. That is why they did not release the bodies immediately though Islam commands to bury bodies within 24 hours as soon as possible.

Ironically state TV stations and media have been bias. They are showing one-sided stories. They have been showing only anti Mursi demonstrations alone and they have been exaggerating its numbers. All these massacres have not been shown in national TV stations in Egypt rather it was international TV stations and reporters who reported the true nature of all these atrocities. Can you imagine that this type of barbarism is taking place in our modern world?

It has been a bad habit of Egyptian military to blame the protestors. As usual the military claimed that Pro-Mursi supporters incited violence and terrorism: This is a big fabrication and lie. All pro-Mursi supporters are unarmed. They do not have any weapon and guns with them. It has been a slogan of MB to protest peacefully . They have been protesting more than 20 days now without any violence. They never resort to any type of terrorism or violence. Al-Sisi deliberately spreads these lies to blame MB and its supporters. The remnants of Pro Mubarak groups with supports of military and police did all these atrocities. These intimidations and threats are done to disperse the Pro Mursi demonstrations from its base. They slaughtered more than 50 people two weeks ago while people are praying. This was done as a warning. This was done to tell the crowd that military is ready to slaughter as many as Pro Mursi demonstrators if they do not go home. They have done all tricks and bullying tactics to intimidate people. Yet, the military knows well that they can not kill thousands of people. It is a clandestine plan of the military to disperse people and lock up all opponents and yet, people are ready to make sacrifices for their democratic cause.

What a double standard of western world? USA and its allies invaded Iraq in the pretext of establishing democracy in Iraq and yet, when people in Egypt elected their president in a democratic way these European countries never welcome it and they never supported it. Where are all those so called democratic counties? Why do they maintain silence against this injustice in front of their eyes? Why do not they speak out? How could an Army General sack the democratically elected president? Of course here and there some condemnations are made by some European nations and yet, there is no strong word from western leaders on this issue and they neither endorse this military coup nor reject openly.

It is also alleged that some Middle East countries are behind all these unrests in Egypt and it is reported that some Middle East countries are worried about the so called Arab Spring. They are worried that Arab spring would spread gradually to all parts of Arab world and Muslim countries. For that reason they do not want to see any democratic system in any part of Arab world. It is reported that Saudi and UAE are behind the military coup in Egypt. Saudi has already promised to give $ billions to Egypt soon after the military over threw the democratically elected president. Why Saudi Royal family wants to spread fitna in Egypt? If they really like people of Egypt they would have supported them many times in the past and they would have supported to rebuild Egyptian Economy. Why this sympathy is now only after President Mursi was over thrown?

What is the role of other Islamic groups in this revolutionary process? What is the role of Annour party in this current burning issue/? Egyptian nation is divided into many groups and particularly Islamic groups are divided into many parties. Fragmented nature of Muslim groups gives good excuse and opportunity for these military thugs to manipulate the situation in its favour. That is what exactly happened here in this situation; if all Islamic groups are united the military could do nothing in front of mass support. This crisis teaches a good lesson to all these Islamic groups: Be united or you would be perishing in Egypt and you would be killed one by one by these military thugs.

It could be said that political immaturity of Annour party that led this military coup. Annour party was one of one coalition parties with MB and it withdrew it support for MB and joined the anti-Mursi camp. This gave a good opportunity for the military to show that Islamic groups was with it and the military managed to bring some of Nour party members into Tahrir square in support of its military coup. This was clearly used by some of remnants ousted president Mubarak. These thugs and cronies unleash this genocide of barbaric killing. Why did Annour party withdraw its support to MB? It is mere political opportunism but nothing else. They expected that if MB government is overthrown then it could give them a gold opportunity to form a new government. They did not envisage the danger from the military thugs. They thought the military would let them to rule the country. Given the nature of religious doctrines with An-Nour party Saudi government would be happier with An Nour party than MB party. Saudi may have done a deal with An-Nour party in this coup to topple democratically elected President Mursi. According to Amr Darrag one of Senior MB officials the political disputes between MB and Annour party was one of the reasons for the downfall of Mursi government.

He observes that “politically, they are our main opponents. So they thought this was a good time to put us aside, or weaken our position, or get rid of us, so that they can take charge as the leading party in the political life” yet, like all other salafis some Annour party members would have preferred these military thugs and crooks over pious members of MB. That is the politics of some radical Salafis groups. We all know how they undermine other Islamic groups in the Muslim world. If you are not with them they think that you are out of the fold of Islam itself. MB might have made some mistakes during this one year time and yet, one is not enough to make any change in the politics of any country specially with corrupted bureaucratic system that was in place for more than 60 years in Egypt and indeed, it had an inclusive governing body otherwise, how could it appoint Al-Sisi as a military chief and President Mursi trusted him and yet he betrayed him.

Since Egypt was freed from colonial power Egypt has been ruled by Military dictators and these thugs of Military dictators do not want to see a free Egypt under any form of democratic rule. These ruthless dictators of army leadership, with support of corrupted of politicians, police and other crook government officials want to control every department in Egypt: It is reported that more than 80% of population lives below poverty line in Egypt and people live with less $2 per day. USA gives more than $ 1.5 Billions each year to Egyptian Military not with good intention of helping poor Egyptian people rather to control Egypt politically and militarily. This is done with geopolitical interest of USA in the Middle East. It is reported that USA new administration wants to withhold military aid to Egypt until Egypt. USA now realises that it would be a grave mistake to provide aids to Egyptian military at the expense of public anger in Egypt. USA should not support this dictators and thugs in the military uniform at the Expense of public dissatisfaction. You can not fool people in Muslim world today as you did in the past. You should realise that public will burst in anger against USA if it continues to support all these thugs and dictators in the world.

The situation in Egypt is grave and any time any thing could happened. Even civil war is predicted by some people. What could happen? it could be said God Knows the best but yet Egypt army could break way in support of Pro Mursi camp and anti-Mursi camp. It could be said that some groups in anti-Mursi camp reject Al-Sisi dictatorship and atrocities. It could be said that series of atrocities may draw more sympathy among Egyptian towards Mursi camp especially from Islamic groups. We should pray to God for peace and harmony in Egypt. May Allah Protect Egypt from anarchy and destruction:

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