Egypt boils once again

| by Dr Rifai

( July 6, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Today is one of darkest days in the history of Egypt. Democratically elected president and his party members are ousted from power illegitimately without any proper legal mechanism or legal process. What a shame on Egyptian biased and discriminative military leadership. The military has been maintaining double standards in its approach to this newly elected Muslim Brotherhood and its allied Muslim political parties. Indeed, Police and Military personals stay idle when the Headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood was ransacked by the mobs. This coup would not have been taken place without conspiracies of military to overthrow legitimate government. It is generally believed that this coup was well planned and well thought out previously many months and weeks ahead. Egypt is not new to this type of political coup. Indeed since its independence successive rulers came into power through military coup. What happened during all those years in power was mere abuse of power. These military rulers robed and looted the wealth of Egypt at the expense of 80 millions people.

Historically speaking this is not new to Egypt. Egypt is the land of prophets and the same time lands of Pharaohs. While Egypt soil produced millions of pious people on this Earth, we have seen most criminals and villains living in Egypt. This is the true historical fact about Egypt. This coup is perpetrated by some of these crook criminals in Egyptian military. Egyptian military is one of the most notorious in the world for torture and atrocities. This is the so called civilized world we live are living in today?

President Mursi was elected last year with the mandate of majority. He was elected democratically for four years in office. . And yet, enemies of democracy did not like the democracy to thrive in Egypt. They conspired day and night to topple this legitimate government. It is generally believed that ruminants of old regime of Mubarak played a greater role in this conspiracy. Indeed, they put all sort of obstacles in public service to block smooth run of public services. They blocked supplies of petrol and breads so that to create bad impression of this government. It is not a secret that the military openly supported opposition camp in many ways. It helped thugs to attack the supporters of President Mursi. It provided protection and support only to opposition supporters while arrested President Mursi and his supportors. It is reported that Supreme Leader of Muslim Brotherhood is arrested and taken into Cairo. How could this take place in our modern world? Where is the so called democracy? How could they overthrow a leader who was elected by people?

What type of democracy is this? How could people of any revolution support such treason and act of coup? Why is this discriminative attitude for Islamic parties and MB? What a crime Mursi has done to arrest him and prosecute him? What political crimes MB has done to lock them up? Where is justice and where is freedom? What wrong they have committed to treat them like this? It seems that this coup is well planned scheme to destroy political legitimacy of people? It is alleged that President Mursi has insulted judiciary and MB has divided the people? What a fabrication is this in this modern world? Even if there some allegation where is the court of law to investigate them? This type of military bullying is this? How could they bully the world like this?

MB has got a popular support in Egypt. One in four people is from BM in Egypt. Almost more than 50 Millions of Egyptian population hails from BM and other Islamic parties. Egypt today is deeply rooted in Islamic faith and spiritualism. How could they isolate them in Egypt from political arena? MB is a well organised and systematically functioning socio-religious movement in Egypt. They have grass root support and influence in all parts of Egypt. It would be impossible to marginalise them from the political road map in Egypt. Suppose this coup ends up in failure what would happen if MB win one more time in the next election. This type of coup may draw more support and more sympathy to MB. The more MB is suppressed the more support and sympathy they will get from people in Egypt. MB is an international organization and it has popular support in all Arab countries. This type of coup will create greater impact in the region.

Egypt today is different from Egypt of ten years ago. People are highly educated and they are well aware what is going on international and regional politics and they no longer ready to be fooled by the military and political leadership: Egypt is not like all other gulf countries. The literacy rate is in Egypt is higher than any other Middle countries with highly qualified professionals people in the Middle East and they no longer ready to be fooled any one. With advancement in information technology people know exactly what is going own around the world and they know well they have been cheated with political and military leadership.

It is reported that MB will be included in reconciliation process. It is reported that all political parties will be included in reconciliation process. If it is the case how could MB members are treated like this? What an irony is this? This revolution begun to free Egypt from tyranny and yet, military atrocities begun to unfold once again. It was reported that some Gulf countries played a greater clandestine role in this conspiracy? Why did not some gulf countries support Mursi and his Brotherhood supporters? It is a simple logic even a five year old child would know the secret of that? Some gulf countries are worried about Arab spring and they are worried that their days in the chair of power are limited if Arab spring spreads into all Arab countries. It is very clear from all these conspiracies that certain elements in Egypt and outside do not like Islamic groups to come to power in Muslim countries, particularly in Gulf countries. Arguments put forwarded by opposition groups against president Mursi are very weak and one sided. To be continued next week.