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Which category of young will take our leadership?

| by Swadesh Roy

( July 19, 2013, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Our Nobel hero Dr. Yunus has told, ‘Youths should take leadership.’ It is not only the wish of our Nobel hero but also the all cautious persons of the country. Even, our Prime Minister said in the parliament few months ago, `we are old enough, we have passed a long time in the politics, now we are happy that our young generation will take the leadership upholding the spirit of our freedom struggle.’ In this manner, it may be said that, it is the time to take the leadership by the youths.

If any country runs by the youths, if its leadership is taken by the youth, it must be a good sign for the country. Only youth can give a new world. It is true and again true, our independence was a gift by the youth. When we fought for an independent country then our independent hero Bangabandu, the hero of nine-month freedom war Tajuddin Ahmed and all the student leaders were young. If we go through the history all the revolution of the sixties, we will get the history of the youths. So, there is no different opinion that against the young leadership. Now the question is that, who are the young people of our country would take the leadership? Last six month we have seen mainly three categories of youths in our country. Firstly, We have seen a number of youths who belong to Islamic Chattara Shibir, they have coped more than fifty thousand trees illegally, they have attacked police station and killed many police brutally on the road and police station, apart from that, they attacked the minority communities houses, arson and vandalized it even they killed minority community people. They also vandalized and set fire buses, trains. Sometimes group of people who belong to Chatra Dal they were the part of them. Secondly, we have seen a group of youths who are the students of Qumi Madrassa (a kind of Islamic education institute) they came to Dhaka under the leadership of their teachers, they went to ruin Dhaka city. Thirdly, we have seen a hundred thousand youth at Shabag in the capital of Dhaka and most of the city and town of the country. At first, they gathered demanding the capital punishment of a war criminal, who committed rape, killing and looting in 1971. At the end, their demand was that, the spirit of freedom struggle might run the country. They categorically told that, the government party and the opposition should uphold the spirit of our great freedom struggle. We know that it is the customs of the all-democratic countries, only exception our Bangladesh. A large number of Islamic fundamentalist and semi-fundamentalist party do not up- hold our true spirit of freedom struggle. Those youths continued their program sitting on the road but they were very non-violent. Media published and broadcast that a huge number of families with their children would go there to express their solidarity. Most of our progressive civil society person went there and expressed their cohesion. Besides these three categories of youths, we have been seeing last four and a half years a group of youths whose are belong government party they have been engaged to take the work order by the mussels. To sum it up we can tell this is the real scenario of our youths.

Under the circumstances, we can illustrate how our leaders and the respected citizen prized the three categories of young. When hundred thousand young were doing the sitting for none -violent moment to up hold our freedom struggle spirit then our Prime told in the parliament that if these youth take the leadership she will be happy to die. After some days, our opposition leader first said that, those young who are doing non-violent sitting program to up hold our freedom struggle they are the spoiled generation. She declared her full heart support to that young who were then chopping tree, killing police and attacking minority house and killing the female, male even a kids of few month aged. After few days, she told that non- violent young generation are atheist they should punished. A former military ruler also said that he is not with this young because they want a secular state. At that time, our Noble hero was silent. When the another young who are the student of Qumi Madrass were running the Dhaka city by sating fire, chopping tree and looting the shop then our Prime took heard measure to stop it. On the other hand, former military ruler helped them to supply water and our opposition leader gave a call to the city dwellers to come out from home and join with them, who were ruining the city.

However, this young who killed police and minority and the Qumi boys played a key role to use religion in the city corporation election for wining. After the result of the election, our opposition is now in victory mood. Our Nobel hero now is not silent. He has addressed, `youth should take leadership.’ He also called the youth in same language after 1/11. We think that there is no different opinion in our country against it. Everybody agree with it. But in the conclusion there is a million dollar question, we have at least three of four categories of young people; which category of young will take our leadership among them.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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