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Ilaiyarajah on the run

| by Our London correspondent

( August 29, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to a close circle associated with organisers of the ‘Raja The Raja’ at the 02 Arena, who is well known within the Tamil film industry, the hero of the event Isaignai Ilayarajah has packed his bags and gone back to Chennai in a next available flight. Ilaiyarajah is said to have blackmailed the organisers to advance is return ticket for the next day (26/8) as he was to return three days after the event. Unable to advance the date, the organisers had to spend £6,000 for the fresh executive class ticket for next day. Also see ('Raja The Raja' – A downright failure)

‘You’ says film star Kamalahasan to Ilaiyarah at the 02 Arena

The source said Illayarajah had an altercation with a special guest from India at the event and said to have arrogantly asserted that he is the ‘Only Raja The Raja’ and no one can outsmart him. The organisers had to intervene and ask both parties to argue after the programme.

The source confirmed about 7,000 people attended the event and 50% were free tickets. Even Iynkaran TV associated with the 02 event had dished out free VVIP tickets to new subscribers to its TV channel.

It is now known through the source that Ilaiyarajah was paid Indian Rs 2.5 million (in today’s term £24,325.00). This amount was paid to him to cover his participation and bringing with him two other singers. The source confirmed that the duo’s agreed with the organisers did not come for the event and Iilaiyarajah had pocketed the entire sum paid to him.

The source also confirmed that Iilayarajah feared there would be consequence if he had stayed longer. For his own safety and to avoid adverse publicity, he took the next available flight to India. It is also claimed that he feared police arrest over his questionable financial dealings in the past.

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