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Marichman Sing Shrestha- Former PM of Nepal

A Nationalist-Hero Expired

| by Dirgha Raj Prasai

( August 21, 2013. Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The former PM, Marishman Singh Shrestha was a memorial reliable nationalist. He was a very dedicated personality regarding national issue of Nepal and royal institution (monarchy). He was a principle at a high school. He started his political life since 2026 Bikram Sambat (Bs) from youth organization and then he was elected as the member of national Panchayat, and also became assistance minister, later became state and full minister and the speaker of National Panchayat (Parliament) as well. He was appointed as the Prime minister in 2043 Bs by the late king Birendra Bir Bikram Shah. Marishman Sing was associated as an advisor with 'Panchayat Analysis Center' in 2028 Bs and I was the president of that Centre then. He was a very honest and patriot PM. He never surrendered with the bad intention of India and never compromised with other foreign countries' intervention. Marichman Sing was highly influenced by the king Mahendra's nationalistic ideology. The former PM Marichman always regarded the great nationalistic character of the late King Birendra and King Gyanendra who never surrendered the foreigners' especially the Indian conspirators' approaches.

In the context of Nepalese nationality, Marichman used to say that no one can save the nation without constitutional monarchy, democracy, and nationality. The former PM had always contributed for the benefits of the nation and society. He has strongly opposed foreign intervention and pressure. He was consciously against traitors who pose danger to the vastness of Nepal's identity-Hinduism, Buddhism and monarchy. He had made contribution for the country as a clear nationalist. He was always against a campaign to end Nepal’s identity on the basis of ethnicity, language and religion. The former PM pointed the naked intervention of Indian Congress (I)'s regime-'The RAW being a strange agency, also secretly carries out other types of nefarious activities. He was very anxious with the rulers since 2062 BS who joined their hand with Indian conspirator design.

Similarly, after1971, religious and language discrimination between Singhalese and Tamils led to a confrontation. Then in 1979, the Tamil based terrorist organization LTTE declared war for an independent state under the leadership of the young Pravakaran. Now, the 30 years' long LTTE's armed struggle is over. The separatists in Sri Lanka have been defeated by the nationalist army though the war claimed 75 thousands live, including that of Pravakaran. Meanwhile several foreign-initiated 'peace talks,' peace force' and 'mediation' failed in bringing about peace. But the determination of the Sri Lankan people, president, government and army enjoyed victory. So, we must learn from the lessons of Sri Lanka.

South Asia is in turmoil as India is taking the policy of aggressive intervention against the neighbouring countries- Nepal, Bangaladesh, Srilanka and Pakistan. The Congress (I) government of India is working for establishing these countries by mobilising it notorious intelligence agency, RAW. RAW has long faced allegations of meddling in its neighbours' internal affairs. In 1987, New Delhi made a pact with the Srilankan government to send peace-keeping troops to the island and Indian forces ended up fighting the group RAW had armed. In 1991, Rajiv Gandhi, prime minister of India at the time of the deployment of the peacekeeping force, was assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber.

It was a matter of regret that RAW has been fomenting violent activities in Nepal. A scholar Dr. Shreen M. Mazari says- 'The ethnic crisis in Bhutan led by the people of Nepalese origin is also said to have been aggravated by RAW for the advantage of India. In Nepal, India has been intervening in the politics by promoting pro-Indian politicians.' The Indian government is creating difficulty for Nepal to assert her sovereignty. The federalism with ethnic groups will be the cause of division. The ethnic division of Nepal will create only ethnic leaders, not national leaders. We are Nepali brothers and sisters, but the ethnic division will make us Bahuns, Chhetris, Gurungs, Magars, Tharus, Newars, Limbus Rais, Tamangs and Madhesis etc, except Nepali. From the very beginning, we have been maintaining the slogan of 'diversity is unity'.

But, in the name of ethnic-based federalism, India is imposing the Parties' traitors who have been guided by Indian agendas-'One Madhes one Providence'. But, India also is not secure. If Indian Govt. do evil to other nations, the evil return back at India also. A scholar Rajiv Malahora has released a 400 pages Book 'Breaking India' with evidences. So, Indian Govt. should maintain the good relation with its neighbour's country. Yes, cordial people to people level relations between Nepal and India has existed since ancient times. We have to keep friendly relations with India due to our similar cultural and religious traditions.

The permanent institution- 'Nepalese monarchy' can put unite the national instigation as it remained since ancient time. Monarchy is still a popular institution. Nepalese monarchy is the most convincing identity of Nepal's independence and its sovereignty. But sadly Indian congress, ever since coming to power has been striving to destabilize Nepal. India, through its intelligence agency 'RAW', has been found continuously involved in destabilizing our national identities- royal institution, Hindu Kingdom and national language, which were developed along with the ideology of national unity, security and national identity.

According to the >news online< 6 Aug.2012, there had organized a secret Seminar in Lucknow's headquarter Indian Army. In that seminar there were Army General including former General, ambassador of India in Nepal Jayanta Prasad and the anti-Nepal Prof. SD Muni and some former ambassadors except the nonsense Syamsaran the former Nepalese ambassador and former Secretor of Indian Govt. The meeting was focused about the cause of instability of Nepal. They participants were anxious about the cause of increasing anti-India feeling in Nepal. The Army Generals felt that the Nepalese instability directly can thread the Indian security. The republic is totally responsible for all problems. So the seminar stretched and asserted that the monarchy is as a balancing force between Nepal and India. Secularism and republic had declared forcefully from Indian side. When republic declared in Nepal, the security point of India became week. And then they suggested reinstating the Nepalese Monarchy. Nepalese monarchy has been playing a balanced role in between the two big neighbors China & India. It is not the concerning subject for Indian Army about the internal affairs of Nepal, although, the realization from Indian Army can be accepted for the sake of Nepalese sovereignty. In the time of King Birendra when Marischman Singh was the Prime Minister, in South Asia and including America, China, Japan, Pakistan, Shri-Lanka, Bangaladesh, Manmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, EU, Mid-west, African countries and in all over the world, Nepal had good cordial relation among the nations. But since 2006, due to the traitor's regime and nefarious intervention of India, Nepal's international link is becoming very poor. In the time of Marichman, the Presedent of Shri-Lanka Prema Dasa had visited Nepal in the invitation of King Birendra, I had welcomed him as a parliamentarian, the foreign minister SK Upadhaya is inside. I was parliamentarian that second times. Let it be, Marichman is a memorial non-controversial politician in Nepal. But, the poppet Khilraj Regmi's Govt dishonor him During his funeral (2070/04/31), the Government of Nepal did not offer him honor as former PM although he was known as a great nationalist PM. The former PM Baburam Bhattarai, however, shamelessly called for a 13 shot gun salute to Ramraja Prasad Singh– a person who had set fire at Singh Durbar and bombed parliamentary secretariat (Ramraja Prasad is a person who lived in his house in Patna, India and worked as per the Indian interest). The culprit, nonsense pro-Indian Baburam Bhattarai insulted Ramhari Sharma (freedom fighter during Rana's) by not expressing any official honor during his funeral at Aryaghat (cremation site) as well. On 10 October 2012 the legendary living martyr Ramhari Sharma passed away at the age of 97. The current government led by the PM Baburam Bhattarai did not care a fig at the time of his demise. They made no effort for honoring the martyr. The CJ Khilraj Regmi's Govt. also did the same to the former PM Marichman Singh. The former PM Marichman expired just 29 Sawan 2070 Bs who had been suffering from lung cancer, was taken to the Medanta Hospital New Delhi. His health became critical. And then he desired to pass away in his own pious land-Nepal, and his son brought from Delhi to Kathmandu- Narvic Hospital. He expired tomorrow 3 AM. After 7 AM, his dead body was kept at his residence in Dhapasi. Thousands and thousand people, the former PMs, ministers, political party leaders and politicians honored his dead body. The people boycotted by the police honoring sent by Khilraj Govt. with compulsion. That is why Khilraj Regmi did not manage the honoring from Army battalion? After his death, Marichman became very strong than his living life.These rulers since 2063 Bs the Maoists, Congress, UML including the nonsense Khilraj Regmi must understand that they cannot forever capture state power and wrong the nation. Let it be. The nationalists and creators are always remembered in history. Who can ovoid the dedication of Marichman Singh Shrestha? The nationalist was born in 1997 Bs who rose from grass rote level at Salyan, district Mid-western region- Marichman Singh is immortal in the history of Nepalese nationalism. Long Live Nepalese Nationality, Monarchy and Democracy!
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