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Rajapakse government obnoxious?

| by Rajasingham Jayadevan

( August 31, 2013, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The dreadful and repugnant monotones in the government of Mahinda Rajapakse, whether they are clean suited academics or white attired extremists get much publicity in the Colombo media to keep the minds of Sri Lankans busy from worrying about hunger and frustration.

These mavericks galvanize the government to prevaricate and sidetrack real issues affecting the people. They are none other than the much needed lumpans whom the government pampers to provide over the top entertainment to keep the Sri Lankans minds astray. These chronics have reached the top of the riding scale soon to be replaced by another set to prop up the pathetic evasions of the government.

The worst of the repulsive blares comes from the erratic rant from Minister Mervin Silva – a committed, obedient and a hollow mindset in the President’s team of mavericks. Thuggary is the birth right and repulsive rant is the plainly claimed doctorate from this shouts. He is a useful vituperate the government needs to make things going. This crazy’s latest rant to marry the UN Human Rights High Commissioner Mrs Navin Pillai comes at the time when the law enforcement agency of the state was holding a marriage ceremony for a pair of dogs. How can the police sink to such trick when abundance of serious unresolved crimes are not being investigated. This speak about the failures of the police service. If the police force was functioning orderly, the Public Relations Minister Mervin Silva will be counting the metal rails of a prison cell over his criminal behaviours. This man should have been publicly reprimanded or un-ceremonially removed from the government by the President for his over-zealous rant on Mrs Navin Pillai.

The other prominent clown in the President’s team is the Minister of Construction Engineering Services Wimal Weeravanse. He is well known for manufacturing rants to engineer hate against anyone speaking about human rights and devolvement of powers to the minorities. He is such a drama king that he will give twist with his churns on serious national issues. He is pampered by the President that he enjoys the privilege of being appointed to important Parliamentary Select Committees. One of them was to formalize the removal of the Chief Justice Shiranee Bandaranayake. The man was permitted to sit in judgment on one of the charge of undisclosed finances when he himself is accused of amazing wealth since joining the government. There is incontrovertible claims in the media that he built a three story house in the suburb of Colombo with un-sourced and unaccounted funds.

Then the downright racist, succeeding the Cyril Mathew of yesteryears is the Minister Champika Ranawake. The white sarong Minister with his party buddy Udaya Gamanpillai will make discharges of anti-Tamil racism that will not worry the President at all. The Game Kolla (Village Boy) who is going around in the bullock cart in his young age is a Mercedes maniac expecting his children to be ahead of him owning four wheelers.

These key mavericks are needed for the government to continue with the historical agenda of hate against the minorities.

The few clean suited academics in the government too play their obnoxious role sacrificing the very principles and truth and honesty. Politics corrupt people and dishonesty of politicians rotten governance.

Prof G L Peiris who is enjoying the privilege of flying around the world as External Affairs Minister to prop up falsehood is no different to the idiocy of the white attired mavericks. Opportunism is embodiment of his conduct. He will sell his much esteemed status for any stand so long as his purse is full. When he was in the former President Chandrika’s government, he took a sober role trying to work on the constitutional reformation to deal with the deepening national crisis involving the Tamils. Under the present government, he is a professional maverick who goes on ranting of anti-Tamil slants to convince the world that problems of Sri Lanka centres around the minority Tamils. The gutless Minister to this date has not met the wider Tamil Diaspora outside the scope of the Sri Lanka’s foreign missions to get the response to his weird accusations in the international forums. His professorial talent is only good for the international governments and will not stand to face the Tamil resolve on very serious issues.

The other Prof.Tissa Vitharane who was in charge of producing a proposal for the government to change the consitution- having played a responsible role has gone on the hiding to make hopeless ambushes to keep his master happy. The report he produced without his public comments is still left somewhere to be dusted. The gutless socialism speaking Prof. is now on the spree to attack Tamil National Alliance to prop up the centralised governance thus deviating from the very socialist ideals on dealing with minorities. If this is what comes from a socialist Minister, what can one expect from the low levels in the governance?

The repugnance filters from the President himself, who is his white attire and burgundy shawl ferments hatred in a melodramatic way. His theatrical behaviour is such that his Pipers Pipe concert is not pulling the nation in the lot and he has played varied tunes to mesmerise the masses but is not succeeding. The man who said his soldiers did not kill a single civilian Tamil in May 2009 is standing semi naked to be made fully naked soon in the progressing international pressures. His deception to speak in Tamil to win their support came to a halt when the Tamil people gave no regard for his rants in Tamil. His innermost feeling against the Tamils was discharged when he tried to trumpet the dilution of the 13th Amendment to Constitution to undermine power devolution to the regions, fearing Tamils are not going to be pussyfooted and use the existing provisions to the maximum unlike the submissive southern provinces.

The sketch drawing of the three-storey house in Mangala Mawatha, Off Ramanayake Mawatha in Hokandara South of the Maverick Minister Wimal Weerawanse
Has the President taken any disciplinary actions against the obnoxious ministers in particular like Mervin Silva likes? His heart will not and the cocktail of the body polity further prevents him to deal with them and he will continue with his disparaging rule.

The repugnance of the present government is rested in the war victory against the Tigers which is seen as a historical victory against the Tamils.

The cronies who have sold their souls enjoy the protection. They subtly enjoy the exceptional constitutional privilege the President enjoys from being punished for wrong doings. They are under the protective wings of the controversial President.

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