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Sri Lankan style of meeting the justice

| by Robinhood

( August 13, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Ethnic racism is a phenomenon which can be easily provoked and antagonized among the majority Singhalese mindset in Sri Lanka. Many Political parties and governments in the past have used this for its sordid benefit to build its majority when it realizes its losing its popularity among the majority people in the political arena. We can see in the recent past quite a few Bhuddist and Singhalese nationalistic groups headed by Buddhist monks claiming themselves to be the representative of the majority Sinhala Buddhist coming to the mainstream Politics in Sri Lanka.

Inequity and injustice committed, amicable settlement among politicians, Sri Lankan style of meeting the justice

From very recent we can witness many Muslim worship places has come under attack by various Bhuddist groups. The latest incident happened last Saturday evening; a Muslim worship place in Grandpass, Molawatta area situated in Swarna Chaitya Road was attacked by a group of monks and mobsters. During this attack Muslims who were indulging in the evening Mogrib prayers were attacked. 12 people in the mosque including few residents in the vicinity were injured and hospitalized when the mobsters attacked the glass windows of the mosque by pelting stones. Following the incident police riot team, Police special task force and ordinary police were deployed to control the tensed situation and Police curfew was imposed in the Grandpass area to subsidize the hostile situation until 7am on Sunday and again reinforced at 7pm in the evening.

Police inaction is a deliberate provocation of the innocent

According to the eye witness around 100 people participated in the attack. During the attack the Police have not any taken effort to stop or disperse the attack and enforces the law against the perpetrators thus has allowed to the mobsters to continue to pelt stones to attack the mosque. In other words the police have watched the incident without taking any action to apprehend the perpetrators. It is the usual habit of the Sri Lankan politicized police under the Rajapaksa regime to instruct the victims to remain calm and act in peace without taking necessary steps to enforce the law and prosecute the culprits and impose the law against the mobsters who attacked this religious place. Sri Lanka police force is criticized and famous worldwide for its biased attitude. We often see in News First villager’s protest against the police being biased or not implementing the law. In all such cases there is a political motivation behind the incident preventing police action.

Later today Sunday following the incident a discussion was held in the Ministry of Buddha Sasana among Muslim, Bhuddist ministers and religious clergies and the matter was amicably resolved without meeting justice to the people affected.

According to Mr. Ameen of Sri Lanka Muslim Council 20 Muslim worship places has been attacked since last year. The ironic among all these attacks and incidents is that none of the perpetrators involved in the attack were taken into custody and justice met. Due to the attacks many Muslim people inside the mosque were seriously wounded, properties damaged including nearby houses.

When taken all these incidents which have occurred in the past with impunity it’s clear that all these incidents are planned and sponsored with state patronage. There are two ulterior motive behind these dastardly acts, one is to create unrest among communities in order to undermine the critical issues affecting the lives of the people (blatant human rights violation in the Rathupaswala at Weliweriya where six people were killed no justice met) and the other motive is to split the minority UNP vote base in the Colombo District by portraying a synthetic support from the pro government Muslim MP’s before the next coming elections.

A reasonable question lies if a similar incident triggers by Muslims, if a Buddhist temple was attacked by a group of Muslims mobsters will there be any amicable settlement among Buddhist politicians.

Allowing the mobsters to complete a politically sordid mission, police inaction, impunity, gaining political advantage and amicable settlement without justice for victims, is common and widely practiced by the UPFA politicians under the Rajapaksa Regime.

Similarly like the last incidents this investigation would be handed to the police CID to investigate the attack. The CID will drop the verdict of eye witnesses and leave the perpetrators scot free lack of evidence and start collecting evidence outside the scene. Once again Muslims ministers including the justice minister Rauff Hakeem, Fowzie, Rishad Bathiudeen, A.L.M Athaullah, Basheer Sheik Dawood, faizer Musthafa and Hisbullah will condemned the attack for the 21st time and insist the president to keep an impartial inquiry.
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