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Weliweriya Massacre : investigations falsified

| Courtesy: Lanka E News

( August 4, 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The investigations into the brutal violence and murders perpetrated by the forces of power drunk Ra- japakses have from yesterday night been brought under senior DIG Anura Senanayake the notorious criminal in the police force and SSP D .R .L Ranaweera of the CCD. This is certainly to tamper with the investigation and make it another evil spurious drama like the one that was staged in the museum artifacts robbery in which the true culprits who were the bigwigs were saved and some stray individuals were substituted as the rogues.

The guy, who is so called "Vegetarian", a "Hindu-Buddhist", who ordered to kill innocents who were protests for the drinking water.
All the records and registers in this regard of the police officers of Weliveriya police have been taken into the custody of this new investigating team of scoundrels , and are already being tampered with to suit the ends of the power drunk Ra –japakses. Even the record made by the Weliveriya police ASP M.R.S.D. Kodituwakku about the peaceful atmosphere that prevailed among the protestors yesterday morning , which was revealed by LeN had been changed.

Now , following the new investigations , the false picture the power drunk Rajapakses are trying to paint is : because a violent group among the protestors shot at the forces the latter retaliated. This is an absolute lie and an attempt to identify the civilians as insurgents which is absolutely wrong.

Not a single individual was rebellious , and even when the forces were shooting mothers with children went before the violent forces and pleaded not to shoot , and were questioning why they are doing this? The photographs bear testimony.

The people were totally unarmed and peaceful. The media spokesman for the forces , Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuiya borrowing the crocodile tongue of the Medamulana village crocodiles nevertheless said , there was a third armed group among the people. Dallas Alahaperuma , the dull as ever Hanuman also made an announcement to match the crocodile tongue utterances. He said , the JVP was behind the thirsty people’s request for drinking water .

The leaders of the forces who acted in pursuance of the direct instructions of the power drunk Ra- japakses (Mahinda and Gotabaya) have been identified . This unwarranted ruthless armed attack on innocent civilians is a violation of human rights , rule of law , civil rights , laws of the country and international laws.

The two members of the forces responsible are Brigadier Deshapriya Gunawardena and Army Commando Force Colonel Shamal Silva. This brute of a Brigadier who gave orders to kill was promoted to this post just a year ago and is attached to the Gemunuhewa regiment .During the war he was in the 58-3 and 58- 2 command , and was under Shavendra Silva who gave orders based on Gota’s directive to kill civilians who came with white flags to surrender. That is , this Brigadier is a military coolie with no respect for military rules and ethics.

Mind you to kill the civilians at Weliveriya , this Brigadier coolie had brought 300 soldiers ! When the police tried to get a statement from this Brigadier prior to the CCD taking over of the investigation , he had told he is not bound to make statements to anybody as he appeared on the scene on direct orders of Gotabaya ( the criminal defense secretary).

It is reported that over 7000 civilians participated in the protests at the Weliveriya town . Though water hoses in Bowzers were brought , they had not been used . Neither were the tear gas . Instead they have resorted to using clubs , poles, knives and shot with guns , police say . In fact ,the police had been shocked and dismayed when they saw the forces swooped on the crowd and begun shooting and attacking.

Following the investigations conducted in the morning , the police had been able to find 47 cartridges of AK 47; 117 cartridges of T 56 ; 4 poison fume cluster bombs used during a war which had not exploded ; two helmets of the forces; and one magazine of T 56 . In the magazine there had remained 21 bullets meaning that 9 rounds had been fired.

Subsequent to the CCD taking over the investigations, like during the days of Hitler’s genocide when that was considered just a statistic , evidence is being recorded to play down the killings of the civilians . Reports are being distorted to mention that people came with sand filled bottles and attacked the forces with them . It is also part of the spurious investigation to record that the trucks were shot at by the people after the forces themselves having done that. Meanwhile the Gampaha magistrate had requested the people to come to court and make their statements.

The violence and ruthlessness the people had to face can be inferred from the fact that , even now Weliveriya is under the control of the forces, and except residents nobody else is permitted to enter.

In the circumstances , it has been rendered difficult to get a detailed report of the incident . Even the police are denied that opportunity. In other words everything has been made conducive to the conduct of spurious investigations headed by notorious SDIG Anura Senanayake and his team of criminal members.

Based on reports received so far , the media personnel who sustained injuries as a result of the attack launched by the Forces are as follows :
Deepa Adhikari (Lankdeepa)
Upali Ranaweera (Lankadeepa)
Chanaka Kulasekera (Adha)
Sunil Sri Lanka (Lakbima)
There are also reports that more journalists have been injured apart from the journalists of the regions .

According to unofficial reports , about 6 civilians have died so far from gunshot injuries. A wrong impression is being projected that they are being treated at the intensive care unit (ICU)

Already, of the four critical victims of this Rajapakse’s Hitler style attack on its own subjects , admitted to the Colombo hospital, one more had died on the same day. Like in the days of Hitler the dictator , this and the other murderous attacks on that day have not been revealed by Rajapakses the murderers .

It is planned to release the dead bodies one by one so that the explosive fury of the people will not explode at once on the ruthless murderers . One such plan of the murderous regime is not to release the dead bodies of others until the funeral of Don Akila Dinesh ,the 16 year old youth is over. In any event if the situation turns too grave against the government , it is decided to destroy the other bodies .

The first step that has been taken to suppress these crimes of the government is : withdrawing all the records of the GHT reports when patients were admitted to the hospital in Gampaha , and the court medical forms yesterday, and have been replaced by new GHT forms introduced by the CCD today.

DIG Anura Senanayake the notorious criminal scoundrel of the police who does all the sordid and murderous biddings of the lawless Rajapakses has gone to the Gampaha hospital met the MOH (medical officer of health) and made all the arrangements in this connection (another Rajapakse bidding). This is an absolutely illegal action because in a provincial hospital where GHT reports are issued , it is only the police there which can issue that report and not the CCD or any other.

Amidst all this , what caused the greatest consternation to the people was the unknown fate of those who were assaulted and taken away at Weliveriya yesterday in the army trucks. There are eye witnesses who confirm that some of those who were taken into the truck were vomiting blood while they were being loaded .
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