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Chemicals to Syrian Militants May Have Come From al-Qaeda

| by Big News Network

(September 22, 2013, Washington DC, Sri Lanka Guardian) A former FBI operative has said that al-Qaeda militants linked to al-Shabab in Somalia have managed to develop chemical weapons.

Furthermore, he has claimed the militants may soon acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Speaking to CBS, former FBI assistant director John Miller said that classified documents relating to the weapons had been obtained from the US Attorney's office in the eastern district of New York.

He said the documents had revealed three men, including a British national, were given access to research and development money with the intention of improving the al-Qaeda chemical weapons program.

There has also been speculation that Al-Qaeda may have been involved in a program which allowed chemical weapons to be unleashed in Syria.

According to free press service WND, certain documents obtained from the US intelligence community suggest that al-Qaeda elements in Iraq produced sarin gas before transferring it through Turkey to be used by foreign-backed militants in Syria.

The gas was allegedly provided to al-Nusra Front militants in Syria through the Turkish town of Antakya in Hatay Province and then through the border.

The leaked documents also showed that the US military may have suspected sarin gas was used by militants in an attack on civilians and Syrian government forces last March.

Based on the claims, an argument could follow that the chemical attack on August 21st near the capital Damascus may have been perpetrated by militants to provoke a US military intervention in Syria.

Washington has claimed that the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical attack of August 21st.

Damascus has categorically rejected the allegations.

Russia has also said it believes militant groups operating in Syria may have staged the August 21st attack.

This article was originally published at Big News Network.com

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