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Has God Created USA To Police The World?

| by N.S.Venkataraman

( September 5, 2013, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) With total contempt for the world opinion, President Obama is reported to be going ahead with his plans to attack Syria, without bothering that his missiles would kill , maim and disfigure hundreds of innocent persons.

Nobody believes President Obama when he says that chemical weapons have been used by Syrian government against its people. Many people across the world think that it is an excuse for Obama to enter Syria with his missiles , which will cost as much harm as chemical weapons.

Nobody could forget that a few years back, US government accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction and then used this excuse to attack Iraq, which ultimately achieved the objective of the US government to bring Iraq’s large oil wealth under the control of USA . Later on, the investigation by United Nations could not find any such weapons of mass destruction in Iraq , thus proving the fact that American accusation was false.

Obviously, President Obama and his government think that it can hit anybody at any time as “a world power”. Is this not sheer arrogance ?

There are many countries in the world where difference of opinion and conflicts exist, with the government trying to put down the rebels and those who indulge in violence. While this is an undesirable situation, the scenario cannot be improved by a third country poking its nose and using the opportunity to interfere in the internal affairs of the conflict ridden country. This amounts to fishing in troubled water, in which area the US government appears to have specialised during the last few decades.

It is for the citizens of the conflict ridden country to resolve the issues. But, US government appears to be inviting itself by encouraging the rebels and giving them tacid support and perhaps even material and money support discreetly.

In such scenario, the United Nations as well as the world opinion appear to have become impotent. In several such issues in the past where US government is involved, United Nations has been conspicuous by not exercising its authority as a world body but giving an impression that it will inevitably toe the American line.

Where is the Human Rights Commissioner of United Nations ? The lady has no hesitation in using strong words of condemnation , whether it is justified or not , against a small country but will keep the mouth shut when it involves USA.

The biggest loss to the world in the likely American adventure in Syria would be that one more nail would be laid in the coffin of United Nations as a credible world body.

It is particularly surprising that President Obama was awarded the Nobel prize for peace, when we find in this Syrian example that he has no particular love for peace, harmony and has no respect for the lives of innocent citizens in an alien country.

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