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Two Suicide attacks on a Church in Peshawar

| by Xavier P. William

( September 22, 2013, Islamabad, Sri Lanka Guardian) Over 85 dead and over 140 injured in a suicide attack on a Church located in Swati gate, Peshawar.

All Saints Church ( Church of Pakistan) is located in the old city area of Swati gate in Peshawar, Khyber PukhtunKhawa province.

According to the details, around 400 to 500 people attended the Sunday mass, around 11:40, the people were about to come out 2 suicide attackers entered the Church and exploded themselves.
An eye witness said, "as the priest ended the mass, we were going out suddenly there were 2 explosions, there were bodies of people around the Church and holes in the walls, the injured were shouting. It was a ciaos, the people picked up the injured and started rushing them to the hospital. "

The police rushed to the Church, the people were shifted to lady reading hospital and other hospitals, for hours there was not enough medical staff and the doctors were not present on duty to provide medical attention.

Senior Police officials visited the location, collected evidence and send the samples to the forensic lab for identification of the attackers, they claimed that there was sufficient security, but it is impossible to stop a suicide attacker.

The Church members claimed that the police had not provided sufficient security despite repeated requests, the church had their own security as well, but the attackers managed to penetrate carry out the explosion.
The Christians from the Catholic Church located near the All Saints Church rushed to help the injured, the community protested against the government for not protecting the minorities.
The protestors were aggressive and demanded the authorities to act, there have been protests across Pakistan against the incident.

The Bishops Council of Pakistan and the Catholic Church has announced to close the educational institutions for 3 days to moan the incident.

Life For All Pakistan strongly condemned the brutal attack, " This is indeed a sad incident, Pakistan is in the grip of terrorism. The Minorities are insure due to the government policies, we request the Christians across Pakistan to protest in peace and dont provoke violence. Our faith teaches us peace, to forgive those who trespass against us. It is time to unite and pray for the grieving families.

The war against terrorism has been enforced on us, it has become our war now. It is time to think that should there be a dialog with people who support such a barbaric act. Government should announce immediate end to talk prospects. Plan beyond condemnation needed NOW. "

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