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Not political Islam, it is terrorism

| by Swadesh Roy

( October 12, 2013, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Many people are telling now Bangladesh is heading towards a war between political Islam and secular Islam. Bangladesh is heading towards a war; but is it between political Islam and secular Islam? Is it true? If any one goes through the reality of the politics of Bangladesh, he will say that it is not the war between political Islam and secular Islam. In Bangladesh, what is going in the name of political Islam, will be too soft, if any one describes it as political Islam. The example of political Islam is the era of Kholafae Rashadin, but what is going on now in the name of political Islam in Bangladesh? There is no similarity with the ear of kholafae Rashadin and the present so called political Islam of Bangladesh. What has upraised in Bangladesh, it is not only Islamic fundamentalist but also it is a part of international terrorism, which is connected with world arms smuggling, drug smuggling. Arms smuggling and drug smuggling is a part of the activities of all kind of terrorists in the world.

Some people of says Jamat –E- Islami Bangladesh carry political Islam. So, the conflicts between Jamat –E-Islami and other liberal democratic political parties is a conflicts between political Islam and secular Islam or secularism. Some newspapers in Bangladesh have published in such way that political Islam in danger now in Bangladesh. Some political analysts are expressing same opinion. They want to say that, Jamat –E- Islami is in danger so political Islam is in danger. Even than some western analyst says that, Jamat-E-Islmai is a party that caries political Islam and believe in pluralism because they maintain a regular political party and participate in the election. One year ago, we have seen some of the western analyst said same way regarding Brotherhood of Egypt, they told, it’s a reform or a new birth of Brotherhood that they have participate in the election that means they have shifted pluralism from fundamentalism. After one year, it could be say that they have seen their so-called pluralism of Brother Hood when they were trying to destroy the sculpture of the Egypt. When Jamat-E- Islam was born in India by the blessing of the then British government of India then Jamat was not believe in election, in fact they were then the collaborator of British government. Jamat –E-Islam joined in election politics in the last phase in the united Pakistan. Besides, they joined to democratic movement in the last sixties. It was a strategy of them because the Pakistani government for their terrorism and communalism banned them three times. That is why they put on a veil of pluralism to join democratic movement but simultaneously they were engaged in terrorism. Besides that to wear a veil of regular politics, they did then two major impairments. One, they confused a group of people in the name of Islam and they made militant recruits then who were engaged in the mass killing, arson, raping and looting in 1971 .

What they did in the last phase in Pakistan they are doing same thing now. Jamat-E- Islami is doing killing, arson, looting, and attacking on the cope. They are destroying the the government property, attacking on police station and they are trying to demoralized the Hindu and Buddhist people by attacking on them and demolishing their prayer house. Demoralizing the minority people is a preplanned work of them because they want that all minorities been forced to leave the country. Because the minorities are always supporter of the liberal- politics, it is a reality. Because any type of minority is vulnerable group in the society. They need some kind of protection. Only liberal organization of that society gives them shelter or protection. Any kind of fundamentalism, it may be racism, religion communalism or any kinds they are always against that type of liberalism which gives protection the minorities from any shot of fundamentalism. Besides, fundamentalism depends on some kind of blind believe and some underground and unethical commerce. On the other hand, liberalism is rational, logical and changeable; it is never blind. Therefore, the ideological conflict between liberalism and any type of fundamentalism is a reality. Liberalism is the progressive part of human civilization. Liberalism helps the progress of civilization; similarly, civilization makes stronger the liberal values of the society. The liberal values of the society are the natural enemy of the fundamentalism. For this reason, any group of liberal people is the enemy of fundamentalism. Besides, in Bangladesh the fundamentalists are not only against the liberalism of the society and the liberal politics but also against the traditional culture of this soil. The Hind people of this soil enclose with a full heart the traditional culture of this soil. It does not mean that the the Muslim people of Bangladesh does not own the traditional culture rather in Bangladesh there is no cultural conflict between Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist. They believe in three types of religion but they also keep up same culture. In America and other western countries, we have seen in the place of racism there was a cultural conflict to some extend the African Americans are maintaining different culture. They are still trying to make a common culture. But in Bangladesh there is a cultural conflict but it is not within Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist, it is between the fundamentalist and the rest of the people in the country. Now the people of Bangladesh know that in Bangladesh Hefajat is one of the groups of fundamentalist. They have started a cultural conflict with the up-to-the-minute people of Bangladesh. They want to introduce a so-called culture, the culture of primitive stage. They are a very few person in that society. They have no modern education. Now they have come in this stage because they got back by the center right political party like Bangladesh nationalist party (BNP). The help of political party like BNP is one of the aspects that have helped them to make them empowered. In the same manner, the rural economy helps them to be empowered. Because, last five years the rural economy of Bangladesh have changed tremendously, so the illiterate people of that Hefajat group they are getting time to give attention here. Because in village, they are not spending whole time for earning their bread rather they are getting bread easily so now they have time to do another thing. That is why by the help of the some so-called political party and mishandle of the government they are now in politics. So they are doing their politics as their level. They have no modern education. So they are doing their job according to their knowledge. The level of their knowledge is primitive so they want to make everything like their standard; it has made a cultural conflict in the society. However, they are trying to give a religious color of their work but it has really made a cultural conflict in the society. It is a cultural conflict between Bengali culture and primitive Semitic culture. In addition, to make a chaos in the society the Islamic fundamentalist political parties and their center right ally BNP are helping them now. Moreover, in the mean time, Hefajat has made a big confusion in village area regarding culture and religion. They are spreading an untrue that those people who are liberal and believe in Bengali culture they are atheist. Even then, our main opposition leader has told such a lie and ignorant word about the liberal educated youth of the society.

On the other hand, from a long run the Hafajat people were against Jamat- E- Islam due to the type of religion believe. Jamat is basically `Ohabi’ ( a fraction of Islam) but the people who are now the leader of Hefajat they do not believe the way of Ohabi. However, now the terrorist money has connected with Jamat and Hefajat. With this terrorist money, Hefajat has empowered one-step more. So, the summation is that, a coordination or a coalition between BNP, Jammat and Hefajat are directly and indirectly connected with terrorism. They are now fighting in the two liberal front of the country; one is liberal politics and another is liberal culture. They are fighting against liberal culture in the name of so-called religion. They are trying to prove in the illiterate society that those people who are believe in modern culture or Bengali culture they are atheist, they do not believe in God. They are trying to show that they are the only believer in God. Thus, way they are trying to make confusion in the society. It is true all kind of terrorists is always against in the liberal people. The terrorist of Jamat attacks all type of liberal people and they are doing this now. They have attacked four young intellectuals, one of them has died already. Now Jamat has opened another wing of them that is Hefajat Islam. Besides that there are above thirty underground terrorist organizations in Bangladesh which belong to the leadership of Jamat. Not only that, it may be say that all the fundamentalist terrorist organization of are also leading by Jamat people. So if any one goes in the deep roots of Bangladesh politics they will find that, terrorism is now in very deep of the so called Islamic politics.

The people of the world know that, arms smuggling is the one of the work of the terrorist. It not only supplies them illegal arms but also supply them illegal money. According to W. J Bush the former American president that,` Money is the life blood of the terrorist’. In Bangladesh, people are seeing that the Jamat people and the Hefajat people are spending huge money against the liberal politics and social movement. The Jamat people are doing arms operation more or less every day on cope and the other palace. Any army expert knows that, how much money to be needed to make an arms operation. Besides that, people of Bangladesh has seen that, how the Hefajat people have spent money. On the other hand, some of the main leaders of the BNP and Jamat are the accused person of the ten truck arms smuggling case. The United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) leaders also confessed that, the previous Jamat -BNP government had helped them to carrying arms through the territory of Bangladesh. Those people who know regarding the present position of ULFA and the politics of Assam they know that ULFA has lost their base on the people of the Assam and now some of their leaders are engaged in arms smuggling. Therefore, relation between Jamat, BNP and ULFA proved that, they are doing terrorist job.

The motto of political Islam never endorse terrorism, their motto is to conquer the mind of the people by the love not the arms. However, those group or in the name of political parties in Bangladesh are identifying that they are carrying political Islam they have no previous record in favor of peace rather their previous records are looting, arson, killing, raping, committing communal riots and do conspiracy against a liberal or a stable government. In present situation, they are also doing this. Besides that, they are trying to cover every offense by the religion veil. So if they are justified by the political Islam, it will be a wrong analysis or a wrong judgment. They should be identified as terrorist and what they are doing is terrorism.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangaldesh he can be reached at swadeshroy@gmail.com
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