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Scandal Rocks Sri Lanka Counsel General’s Office in Toronto

| by A Special Correspondent in Toronto

( October 4, 2013, Toronto, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Sri Lanka Counsel General’s Office in Toronto, Canada has come under fire for misconduct by an officer attached to it. The scandalous act has taken place with the help of an infamous property dealer who had cheated money from innocent Sri Lankan Immigrants promising to grant them dual citizenship.

Wasantha Abeysiri - a Sri Lankan property dealer domiciled in Canada has cheated money from a large number of Sri Lankan Immigrants in Canada promising to provide dual citizenship. Abeysiri has used his Sri Lanka Counsel General’s Office friend's contacts to mislead the victims. Most of the victims who were caught up in this scam were Tamil immigrants who own property in Sri Lanka.

It is also been reported that the master mind of this scam, Wasantha Abeysiri was a former employee of the Bank of Montreal (BMO)and was terminated from the Bank due to a fraudulent cheque issue.

These victims, who were cheated by this scam, are facing immigration problems and property issues in their home country. Most property issues are related to unclear property titles in the properties they own in Sri Lanka. The immigrants are reluctant to come forward and report these incidents to the relevant authorities in Canada due to the fear of deportation. These voiceless people are totally helpless and facing grave financial hardships.

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