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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Pastor Charged with Blasphemy

|  by Xavier P. William,

( November 13, 2013, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Adnan Masih a pastor from Lahore has been charged under sections 295-A, 295-B and 295-C.

According to the details, Masih was filling in for his brother on 7th October, who works a glass shop, called Diamond Glass, while he as there he was going through the drawers, he came across a book which was written by a cleric who is the leader of a banned religious organization. He started reading it and he saw some lines about the Bible which was incorrect, he took a marker and made the corrections and left the book there.

Next day a complaint was filed by Abid Mehmood who also worked at the glass shop and FIR 675/13 was registered against Adnan Masih accusing him of 295A, 295B and 295 C.

Adnan Masih denied writing anything against Prophet Mohammad, Jamat ul Dawa a banned organization issued a fatwa against Adnan Masih to kill him for dishonoring their Prophet.

Masih along with his family fearing their lives were in danger, went into hiding upon receiving threats.

On Friday, 8th November Masih decided to surrender himself to the local police as their relatives were being pressurized and threatened they would be killed.
Masih surrendered himself and demanded protection and safety for his family as well, the district magistrate directed the police to protect Masih and his family.

The police was to produce the accused to at the court, but due to the threats from several banned organizations and the religious sentiments, the police was reluctant to produce him for the judicial remand.

On Monday the special magistrate presided the hearing and sent the accused for the judicial remand and directed the police to complete the investigation and ensure that the accused remains safe in the police custody.

Masih`s family has been complaining about constant threats, they said, " We are being threatened, a fatwa has been issued against Masih, he didnt write anything against Islam, he just corrected the facts about Jesus Christ, the extremist groups have threatened to kill him in the police custody, we request the authorities to ensure his safety."

Life For All Pakistan issued a statement, " This is the 3rd incident of the misuse of the blasphemy laws in 2 months, this is indeed sad that a person who was living a normal life is now fighting to save his life. The family is being tormented, are we living in a sane society? At this point at am unable to decide that was it a wise decision to voluntarily surrender himself to the police, will the police be able to protect him? We request and urge everyone regardless of their religion to pray for this man and his family. In Pakistan even being accused of blasphemy is equivalent to being sentenced."