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Bangladeshi terrorists will run away to India soon

| by Swadesh Roy

( December 25, 2013 - Dhaka- Sri Lanka Guardian) Many other terrorist groups along with Jamma-E-Islami ( Jammat) have already started to flee away from Bangladesh. They will try to escape to India first. A source said that more than eighty terrorist of Jammat and others were running away across the waterway to India from the Satkhira and 24 Parganas border. Bangladesh coast guard has arrested them but before arresting, four of them were killed by gun shooting.

To save the war criminals, Jammat and other terrorist groups have started several types of terrorist attack in Bangladesh since last year. During the last two and a half months they have uprooted the rail line, hurdled bombs to passenger packed buses, arson trains, industries and houses even the temple and pagoda. They have killed six months old baby to 70 years old politician. Besides, they have attacked and arson a huge number of houses of Hindu people, vandalized more than one thousand temples, killed some Hindu people, and raped Hindu women. In the last two months their main target was arson passengers packed buses and trains. More than two hundred people were burnt and 59 of them already died by the fire made of gunpowder bombs and petrol bombs. Now the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMC ) becomes a pathetic place. There is no way to write shortly about the description of the burn unit of DMC. If there a chance, I will try to write on it in future. However, government has shown a highest tolerance during last two and half months. Now the government of Bangladesh is in a tough mood. The government has started a combing operation by the law enforcement forces.

Government sources said that, all over the country more than five thousand well-trained terrorist of at least 36 terrorist organizations along with Jammat are doing this. Besides that, more than five hundred terrorist of other countries are working with them. However, they did not disclose the name the other countries but between their lines, it is clear that they are Pakistani and Indian. Those who are working on the character of terrorism of Bangladesh, they know that there is a deep rooted connection with Pakistani terrorist groups like Al Queda, Jaish E Muhammad and the dissident groups of North East India with Bangladeshi terrorists. The entire Bangladeshi terrorists are led by Jammat of Bangladesh. The Big opposition of Bangladesh the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) gives them safety and shelter. On the other hand, the Pakistani military intelligence ISI nurses the entire Bangladeshi terrorist and the North East Indian dissident. Besides them, there are some terrorists of India who have a link with ISI and Al Queda , Jasih E Muhammad and others. So the terrorist of Bangladesh and India have made a safe place for each others. As we know of Bangladeshi terrorists, they have some safe grounds in Assam and at Murshidabad and Kolkata in west Bengal.

The situation of Bangladesh is expressing that the combing operation against terrorism in Bangladesh will be tough gradually. It is necessary because government has to improve the law and order situation soonest as possible for the sake of of economy and the free movement of the people. What is going on Bangladesh cannot be stayed for a long time. So, government will be tougher. Terrorist never belong to political elements. So their policy is if they feel the situation is not favorable, they will try to take a safe shelter. That is why now it is clear that within one or two week they will try to flee away to some places of Assam and at Murshidabad and Kolkatha of west Bengal. Now the Muslim of Kolkhata has a strong support of Jammat. In May this year, the Muslim community of Kolkata made a big procession against Sheikh Hasina and the declared that Sheik Hasina is prohibited in Kolkata. It makes clear that Jammat and other terrorist of Bangladesh have a safe house in Kolkata and its suburb.

For this reason, now if Bangladesh government and Indian government want a terrorism free area of their own territory they have to work together. India has to make strong vigilance of their all the land and water border. There are some training camps of Jammat’s terrorist in the Chittagong hill tracks area. The law enforcement forces of Bangladesh have started to make operation those camps so they can take shelter some part of the North East India. Therefore, India has to make strong vigilance those arias also. That will be helpful for Bangladesh.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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