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UN Should Render Her Positive Assistance To Member Nations

| by Sripali Vaiamon

( December 20, 2013 – Colombo – Sri Lanka Guardian) League of nations, the creation of Franklin d Roosevelt, during the end of first world war, disbanded to establish united nations which came into effect on oct.1945, where 51 nations gathered in san Francisco with great expectations, primarily because of former didn’t serve purported objectives. The charter of the un stipulated to consider the requirements of member nations, maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting environment and providing humanitarian aids in case of famine, natural disaster and armed conflicts. Under the sub-section of armed conflicts department of peace keeping operation has been constituted. It is dedicated to assisting the member states and the secretary-general in their efforts to maintain international peace and security. Despite this position it pays more attention to fatten the economy of rich nations with mass production of weapons with which manufacturers as well as respective governments earn billions. I am reluctant to publish actual statistics as those are copyrighted material but the fact remains that figures are in billions.

To earn billions fire arms have to retail and market among buyers, among countries, among rioters and among terrorists. Big countries have a brilliant spy services competent enough to apprehend the secret tactics and enforce to purchase fire arms. They create conflicts mostly among small nations and sustain for a long time. Thereby lethal weapons could be dispersed and earn huge sums. Manufacturers as well as rich countries thereby fatten their economy.

Weapons are for what purpose? Not to feed human beings, but to kill them. Not to develop countries but to create havocs and devastations. It is obvious! Do the big nations or their weapon manufacturers pay any attention for human rights abuses caused with their merchandise? It is with their commodity they destroy human beings. They commit the abuses. There is no excuse. No pardon could be ever considered. This is my layman point of view.

In my social novel ‘The Therapy’ p.510, published in America, I advocated via the last will of the main character where she has emphatically stated to request all religious dignitaries to raise a loud voice to urge lethal weapon manufacturers of the world to do away with their criminal undertakings, where their main objective is to make huge money by selling these weapons which will utilize to massacre human beings who constantly struggle to live a decent life with peace and unity in this wide world. Peace and non-violence now have been widely identified as fundamentals for human survival according to honest politicians. Govts. of respective countries with such politicians should procure lucrative ventures for those criminal minded businessmen to undertake and get totally divorced from weapon manufacturing to sell in the open market and provide to terrorists at large. Weapons should be manufactured strictly for governments’ requirements only.’

All governments in the world heavily advertised counter-productive campaigns to have a control on manufacturing and sales of cigarettes as it is gravely harmful to health of human beings. But if you compare it with lethal weapons, smoking is just a negligent. It is just a modicum. Not that I attempt to promote it but the only aim of weapons is killing and destruction. It cannot control human right abuses.

So what is the opinion of UN although it is the responsibility to establish and to safeguard the small member nations if they are involved in armed conflicts, with or without an acceptable valid reason whereby it grossly commits human right abuses?

On the 23rd of September 2009, at the 64th General Assembly of UN held in New York, Munmmar Gaddafi, leader of the Libyan Govt. boldly asked, since the inception of UNITED NATIONS (Oct.24 1945) there had been 65 wars in the world where there were million of victims. Has UN taken any tangible action to ease these situations? This I highlighted for everyone of us to open our eyes.” May be because of this revelation that he was killed like a criminal by creating a conflict in his own country where there were innumerable human right abuses but no one is willing to talk about. Not even UN.

Pentagon discussed to invade Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Syria to control their conflicts. They can’t deny that. It was published in all media. Iraq was a well established monarchy. Of course, on human splits it has conflict with one of the tribes. It was their indigenous problem. UN has the right to involve and bring about a settlement. But why Bush interfered? He consigned his battalions and ruined the country and alleged that they manufacture weapons for mass destruction. Bush influenced UN Secretary General to visit the country with experts and investigate. He went over with several experts but found allegation was completely false. Despite the king, Saddam Husain arrested and after a lengthy trial he was executed. Was it justifiable? Who should decide? America had two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and massacred millions of innocent human beings. Even an excuse was extended after several years by present President Barack Obama when he visited Japan.USA should use military force if their safety is threatened only. But why interfere with others? Morse Mubarak of Egypt was taken into custody. Egypt is a country with the longest history in the world with pyramids and extremely old monuments. Country was progressing for the best interest of the population. Few sections were not in favor of the Ruler. Now and then they created problems. America intervened and wanted to bring about unification. But it was a through failure. Now it is in a bigger mess. Same consequences affected Libya. Never know what will happen to Syria. More than settlements there are more conflicts in the world today, where UN’s power and authority seem to be a problem as laymen in the world could surmise.

At the last CHOGM British Prime Minister gave a warning and a threat to submit the Sri Lankan evidence on human rights abuses at the Geneva in March 2014.Has he got any right to do so. Sri Lankan Govt. is a sovereign country. She is taking every possible stride to accomplish LLRC recommendations which cannot be done in hasty. On the 11th inst. Catholic Church has urged Sri Lanka Government to implement the LLRC recommendations promptly to avoid any possible foreign intervention which reflects badly over the sovereign country. True it is a sovereign country. There are hindrances which are not trivial and cannot be cleared so easily according to revelations in media. It will take time to implement methodically for the best advantage of the citizens in the country.

It is appropriate if I cite what Nirj Deva, MEP for UK expressed his sentiments at the European Parliament for issuing a dated ultimatum to Sri Lanka by the states that once subjugated the island nation is laughable, utterly counterproductive and further he said it is pathetic that a vicious 30 year terrorist insurrection claiming 60,000 lives has all but been forgotten and replaced with international judgment about how the war ended. For 30 years state actors defended the rule of law against non-state actors who terrorized an innocent population; using them at times as human shields. For 30 years South fed the North. They fed the population that was trying to blow them up. South sent them food there. This is an act of terrorism by a small group of people. It has nothing to do with the Tamil population.(courtesy Colombo Page)

He had some right to expose his sentiments, 

This small group of terrorists acted on behalf of the Tamil population in the North with their connivance according to my perception, in order to arrive at some sort of solution for the benefit of Tamils who live in the North and the East which they could not achieve by negotiation. Well if the UN who has the right to interfere according to the Charter, whenever there are conflicts in the member countries would have solved this without allowing to drag for such a long time, without keeping room to destroy so many lives; without causing havoc in the country and ruin her economy. Why didn’t United Nations interfere and initiate appropriate action at early stages to solve the problem for the advantage of both sections? 

With regard to the human rights abuses or any other relevant matters what right has UK to intervene? Isn’t it a responsibility of UN.

According to my layman opinion it is the duty of the UNITED NATIONS to take the full responsibility on accountability, reconciliation and human right abuses if critically have been taken place as alleged by certain member nations of UN.

It is rather obscure, gloomy and perplexed the complete situation of the international politics relevant to big nations and the United Nations. Are the compositions on the whole for the best disposition of the justification in the civilized world?

• During the late nineteen seventies, if I can remember well, President J.R.Jayawardana eliminated a major hurdle where Tamil students had to face, by removing the “standardization policy” which had made university admission create for Tamils more difficult. This is one example. But according to my personal opinion UN had the every right to interfere if the then government was not responsive. If their problems were solved and autonomy has been granted for the people in the area to live a decent and liberal life, a conflict where thousands were dead would not have been cropped up.
In 2000 Sri Lanka Govt. headed by President Chandrika Kumaratunga and together with the LTTE invited Norway to take the responsibility as a neutral body to initiate the peace process. A ceasefire between the LTTE and the Govt. was successfully established. The goal of the mission was for all ethnic groups would agree to a peaceful political solution despite the violent conflicts that the country had suffered decades. LTTE was not prepared at that time for a political solution but they were adamant to have a military solution. Because Tamil Diaspora in the UK had agreed to provide high caliber weapons in consultations with UK govt. and agents of the weapon manufacturers, so that they can continue the war and win their requirement i.e to have an independent state with autonomous power. This became a total failure although security forces were able to unearth colossal amount of high caliber weapons provided by the Diaspora that had buried subsequently in so many places and later discovered by the Security Forces. Those could not be utilized may be because no trained combatants to handle such fire arms were in the carders other than school children who had absolutely no training. Even at their initiative stage if UN intervene a satisfactory solution would have been arrived instead of keeping room to kill innocent people and devastate the country. In a war killing is unavoidable. It is only an exercise of violence. If the UN with eligible members of other countries intervened and in consultation with Govt. and the LTTE a proper solution would have meted out without keeping room to kill innocent people. It is not justifiable at all to blow its horn once the internal battle is over after killing so many and devastating the country. No one knows who shot at the terrorist leader. No one knows what the gun was and where it was manufactured to put the blame on human right abuses. Government cannot trace these in a short time, so if UN needs this information it may require more times. UN should not get UK or other countries to press on it.

However now a Chief Minister had been elected, who had his education in Colombo and was a judge. Let him uplift the standard of Tamil population in the North and East and govern the area with the genuine support of the main government for the best interest of the population in the area. Views for and against publish in media should be balanced well for the betterment of the entire island to go forward together in peace and unity under one banner, under one legal system for the prosperity of the country in this 21st century. But please keep in mind not to hurt or arouse Moors community who were in the Island from 7th century, prior to the dawn of Islam and at the moment does not desire to involve in unfavorable conflicts, which will hamper the progress of the country. Prey that UN or other rich nations do not be a stumbling block for unprecedented developments now taking place in the country.

This is to elicit views of competents!

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