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People want to know, the American policy on the Bangladesh terrorists

| by Swadesh Roy

( January 18, 2014, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) All over the world, the policy of United State of America is fighting against terrorism. In Bangladesh, are they upholding it? They have an agreement with Bangladesh government that they will fight against terrorism together. They continuously are giving training to the police and other arm forces regarding fighting against terrorism in Bangladesh. It is good for both Bangladesh and America along with South Asia. Bangladesh is aIslamist terrorist sensitive land. Because, a huge number of young are taking aboutso-called Islamic education and their teachers are teaching them some kind of `Jihad’ (sacrifice in the name of Allah). They are so ignorant that very recently police has salvaged a kind of passport and visa, which is for going to heaven. They believe that this is the way of going to heaven. So for getting this passport and visa they join in terrorism in the name of Islam. Jammat –E- Islami is doing this work in Bangladesh.

In the name of political movement with the help of main opposition, the Islamic fundamentalist group Jammat-E- Islami(Jammat) is now doing violence in Bangladesh. The student organization of Jammat, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US state department, is now doing serious violence. They are uprooting the train line, throwing bomb to the passenger packed buses, arson the business houses, killing people, and attacking the house of the minority. It’s never a political movement. Even they are throwing bombs to the houses of the Justices. It is one kind of attack on Judiciary.

They are not doing it for the first time. They had done it for several times. Now they are doing more because they are getting support from the main opposition and their main leaders are on trial for accused of war crime. The main leaders of Jammat were the collaborator of Pakistan army and they are the war criminal, it is well known in Bangladesh even in the world. However, for the first time they are facing trial. It is right that after forty-two years they are facing trial but all over the world, it is admitted that war criminal can face trial in any time. There is a little bit difference between other war criminals of the rest of world and Bangladeshi war criminals. Other war criminals over the world tried to save their life by absconding but in Bangladesh, they were the part of the government after the counter-revolution with the help of army coup d’état. So more than thirty-nine years they are congregating their power in many sectors simultaneously they have made many terrorist organizations in Bangladesh. They are well connected with Al- Queda, Jaish-E- MuhammadPakistan, Brother Hood and Harkatul Jihad. In clouding Time, Far- Eastern Economic Review and many others renowned newspapers had published the news regarding this. Washington post had published the news that 15,000 of terrorist of Jammat are taking training. Beside that, after the execution of one war criminal, the Jammat and Al- Quedaof Pakistan have made protest against it.

However, this is Jammat –E- Islami of Bangladesh. But in reality the people of Bangladesh are always observing that,the embassy of America in Bangladesh is always treating Jammat as a moderate Muslim party. They always maintain a good relation with them. Even in Bangladesh the liberal democratic civil society has an allegation against US embassy of Dhaka that they prefer rightist civil society in spite of liberal civil society. It is a mysterious contrast between the American policy and the policy of American embassy of Dhaka. However, some renowned rightist intellectual and Non Government Organization chief of Bangladesh may misguide them. But they should know that one of the economists of Bangladesh is working on Islamic fundamentalist last ten years. According to his research, there are one hundred twenty five terrorist organizations in Bangladesh. According to Bangladesh intelligence, Jammat has more than 36 terrorist sister organizations. Through the war crime tribunal of Bangladesh, Jammat is recognized as a criminal organization.

Now it is the million dollar questions, why America the leader of war against terrorism in the world makes a bridge with a terrorist organization like Jammat? How do they treat Jammat as a moderate Muslim party in Bangladesh? Now what is being done by Jammat in Bangladesh is not only the security problem for the people of Bangladesh but also for the world. The people of Bangladesh do not know which is the actual policy of America regarding Jammat of Bangladesh? People of Bangladesh want America to treat them as they treat Al –Queda or Jaish –E- Muhammad of Pakistan.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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