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Serious Drug Charges Against a Law Level Diplomatic Officer in the Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore by Pro-Govt. Website

Sri Lanka High Commission located at the Gold Hill Plaza, in Singapore. 
(January 18, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) While quoting, reliable sources in Singapore, the Lanka C News, a website run by the Minister Wimal Weerawansha say, “ that a one Sanjaya Amarasinghe attached to this diplomatic mission ( Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore) is said to be involved in drug smuggling as well as in a racket where women are taken to Singapore for prostitution.”

“He is involved in this racket together with a wealthy businessman in Malaysia.” The report added

“Though several Malaysian media reported of this, Amarasinghe has managed to continue the scam in a most efficient manner. It is said that he is involved in this business to financially support his mistresses. According to a Sri Lankan in Singapore, he is doing thus even violating regulations,” the report further elaborated.

According to the news report, “ Sri Lankans in Singapore strongly request the President and the ministry of External Affairs to intervene and hold a probe before this series of incidents taint the entire country.”

Sri Lankans in Singapore has further said that many who have fallen prey to this official are planning to handover a petition to the ministry of External Affairs over the misconducts of this official, the report observed. 

Meanwhile, according to the the Sri Lanka Mirror, an independent news website based in Colombo, reported, it has been decided to appoint President’s Counsel Hemantha Warnakulasuriya as the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Singapore after recalling Ferial Ashraff who is currently holding the position, sources say.

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