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CM Wigneswaran’s Reconciliation between Mind & Soul

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

“The path we need to take to realize and maintain our Sovereignty would be as per our environment. Those who have quietly suffered the weaknesses in the official system in their environments – would travel more quickly than others towards the goal of Sovereignty.” - Naan Australian

( February 25, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) I write in response to the interview by Sri Lanka Guardian Editor Nilantha Ilangamuwa, with Chief Minister Wigneswaran of Northern Sri Lanka, published on 20 February 2014.

The headlines of the interview are “Life has to be designed by your intellect and not by emotion”

As per my observations, majority population in Northern Sri Lanka who elected Mr. Wigneswaran to be their representative are driven by emotions. Those who had the duty of care to lead them as parents, elder siblings, teachers, managers, lawyers, judges and administrators have vacated their positions – never to come back to confirm those positions. Administration is practiced in everyday life through all these positions using largely Thesawalamai Customary laws. Hence the advice to be intellectually driven rather than be emotionally driven, would not be identified with, by majority who currently have voting power in Northern Sri Lanka.

Taking the individual – we are driven at the primary level (referred to as emotional level by Mr. Wigneswaran) by majority information registered in our brain. At the deeper level, we have the discriminative thinking between right and wrong using common measures. This is the intellectual level that Mr. Wigneswaran highlights as his preferred path. Beyond this is the Soul level – where resides our motivating force. That is the Truth within. When we identify with that Truth within ourselves, we would naturally connect to others through their Truth. Unless we identify with that Truth through the intellectual path, the intellectual path would keep interfering in our realization of Sovereignty.

Mr. Wigneswaran states in this regard – ‘I have faith in Divinity. He who brought me into this must take the responsibility for me. If he prefers to call me early so be it! Why worry? God bless you!’

When I ‘left’ the paid employment system in Australia while working for the University of New South Wales, I was still driven by my mind and therefore the premature ‘retirement’ caused me strong pain. But I expressed that pain as per the common language of Higher Education – Research & Teaching. I did research through my own experiences and published my findings which would be used by true seekers of higher education.
This does not mean that I had/have the support of majority members of the University system. It means I have the power of Oneness – through the core purpose for which any University is required to exist. The higher the mind, the greater the coverage. I felt His support all along and I did not forget and will not forget that support. To me that was not retirement from work itself but retirement from being an employee to become an employer. It’s a call from Him and each time I feel upset I recall and seek His Guidance.

Mr. Wigneswaran seems to also identify with his new responsibilities as being from Above - ‘He who brought me into this must take the responsibility for me’

That to me is recognition that there is a power beyond the mind – the intellectual mind included. Intellect helps us render broad form to our findings. But one driven by faith does realize sovereignty through that faith – without needing intellectual discrimination between rights and wrongs. Hence Mr. Wigneswaran’s statement to be led by the intellect is an Administrative one to those who are administratively under his leadership – largely within the TNA and its supporters. Hence to the extent we express our emotions within the boundaries of our faith – they are positive contributions to the political system.

Mr. Wigneswaran states ‘Let us say you fight them and establish a separate country. Already over half the original population in the North have left the shores of the Island or have gone to see their Creator! In your renewed attempts at fighting how much more human suffering are you wanting to see and experience? Whom are you going to fight for when the majority of the other half will also be out of the Island or would have gone to see their Creator at the end of your new war? Do you think a separate State even if it is obtained after a brutal, bloody war would be able to peacefully proceed on as a unit?’

The above sounds very much like a censure of the Tamil Diaspora leaders who are pushing for physical separation.

The same message is given by me – an ordinary member of the Tamil Diaspora who has natural membership with the folks who are remaining in Sri Lanka – and working to give structure to the ‘positions vacated by myself and those who are within my circle of faith’ – as follows:

‘So long as you owe the land and its people - not just current but past, present and future – you are not sovereign. Hence you do not have the Natural Authority to lead others in the name of Sovereignty. So settle your debts to the ‘position’ that the people of that land have elevated you to – so that the position would continue beyond your body. That’s when whatever you do would go direct to strengthen the path to self-governance. Your rights and responsibilities to the land you were born in are like your blood relative rights and responsibilities. Those of you who have abandoned those responsibilities are as guilty as those who are forcibly occupying those lands without faith nor common law rights’

Tamil Diaspora leaders have much work to do to support their local parallels – politician to politician and administrator to administrator. That’s when we would start developing our own solution. Until then we would continue to be attracted by plagiarized answers that would get us credits with foreign powers.

Mr. Wigneswaran states ‘The Tamils are divided among themselves because they are all very clever. That cleverness unfortunately is channeled for mostly selfish benefits only. Yet, Prabhakaran with his armed might was able to keep them unified. Though clever they were scared.’

One who is scared confirms desires for unearned benefits. We need to plough back benefits to develop and maintain structures. This is why Lord Krishna says ‘Do your duty without expecting benefits’. He thus confirms that our earned benefits will ‘happen’ when we need them in the form we need them. The longer they stay in the system – the closer they get to becoming structures and beyond as root Energies that render Universal powers. Only Diaspora members who ploughed back their Sri Lankan / Yarlpaanam benefits have the moral authority to influence outcomes in their land of birth. This is Sri Lanka for those whose family called that land Sri Lanka / Ceylon and Yarlpaanam for those whose family referred to that land as Yarlpaanam when the child was born. That is the inherited name of our land. The moment we give birth to children outside that land – we dilute those rights if the two lands are not merged in our minds.

Mr. Wigneswaran states in relation to conflict with this as follows:

‘ I recently called such a person and told him that I was aware of his activities. I said ‘Why do you trouble yourself so much? There is an easy way to get rid of me. Just call up the TNA for a special general meeting and pass a resolution that you do not want Wigneswaran as Chief Minister or even as a member. Within seconds of your passing such a resolution I will be travelling back to Colombo. But if you can’t do that please try to help me to carry this burden.’ Remember one thing. I am a Lawyer. I have accepted a brief. None other than my client could ask me to hand back my brief. The TNA is my client more or less, as the trustees of the people of the Northern Province. I will work for them so long as they want me.’

This highlights the conflict between the Judge’s mind and the Politician’s mind – a point I raised when Mr. Wigneswaran was nominated. It is indeed an emotional one and negates the value of Mr. Wigneswaran’s advice to us. To me it is the parallel of my resignation from the University of New South Wales in August 1998 after hearing Ms Pauline Hanson on ABC TV’s 4 Corners program. That also was an emotional decision but one that led to me physically separating myself from the University. I then wrote to the Dean of Medicine (currently Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University) who in my assessment stood to lose most by my departure – that I was thinking of going back to Sri Lanka. But His Will was for me to remain. It was during Nallur festival that I submitted my above resignation from the substantive position with the University. Later I had Divine confirmation that He was with me through the period of transition. My advice to Mr. Wigneswaran is also to listen carefully to His message through the voice of Natural Justice which is often confirmed through outcomes of Natural Forces. To observe this we need to step back and observe and not be direct participants. That needs to happen when the issue has reached its intellectual peak as per the mind of the highest thinker in that community. I believe that it is because I did not run away that I was able to identify with the Service Opportunities in Northern Sri Lanka – a land that continues to hurt due to human disrespect for birth rights – including by Tamils who are failing in their duty to confirm the positions they inherited from their ancestors to which value needs to be added and handed over to their children born in that area. Towards this those children need to become the children of the Diaspora in their minds.

Mr. Wigneswaran’s administrative duty is to the TNA. His political duty is to himself as part of the People of Northern Sri Lanka – of past, present and future. It’s a Divine call which cannot be dismissed by law / administration / intellectual thinking. It has to be completed by Mr. Wigneswaran completing his journey at the destination of Sovereignty.

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