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Police continue to block Trinco grave site

( February 18, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lankan police have continued to block access to a site in Trincomalee where skeletal remains were found last week, sources have told the Tamil Guardian.

Workers, who were digging a well, uncovered skeletons at the playground in Trincomalee last Thursday and police have since blocked all access to the site.

Video of the police blocking the Trincomalee grave site.

Speaking to the Tamil Guardian, a source that wished to remain anonymous stated that access to the site was still being blocked by the Sri Lankan police. A local judge was reported to have visited the area, but still the authorities have refused to release an update on the situation.

The news comes as 2 more remains were unearthed at the Mannar mass grave site. The total number of bodies found has now risen to 64.

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