Indian Media Launched Propaganda War Against Sri Lanka

Chemical weapons claim rejected

( March 16, 2014, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) The army has denied fresh claims that it used chemical weapons during the war against the LTTE as alleged in a video aired on Indian television, an online news website, the Colombo Gazette reported.

Meanwhile, the many Indian medias have been taken formal action against the Sri Lankan Government on its "alleged" war crimes.

"The video aired on News X shows a man clad in army uniform describing how chemical weapons were used against the LTTE during the final stages of the war.

"Allegations over the use of chemical weapons by the army and the LTTE had surfaced during the war but both sides rejected the allegations.

In an email to Colombo Gazette, army spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya said that Sri Lanka Army always used conventional weapons in its fight against terrorism and the latest allegation could be another fabrication or a speculation targeting the Geneva sessions.

“As you know Sri Lanka did not manufacture weapons or munitions and we procured our inventories from know suppliers through government to government interventions. The LTTE however were known for their attempts at manufacturing arms and munitions and large stocks of chemicals were even recovered from their bases during search operations. The latest video is another attempt by some parties to sensationalize baseless allegation against the Army in particular and the Government in general. We reject such appalling attempts driven by vested interests,” the army spokesman said in response to the News X video.

"Allegations of human rights abuses committed by the army during the war have been surfacing at a time Sri Lanks is facing criticism at the UN Human Rights Council, which is currently meeting in Geneva, over its human rights record. (Colombo Gazette)