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Neglecting Vaddukoddai?

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( March 20, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Global investors are busy taking sides over who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Tamils in Vanni in May 2009. I read and brought into myself the statements of expressions from both sides, regulated my thoughts accordingly and included the essence in discussions with local forums.

A couple of hours later, I was consoling a local Vaddukoddai resident who was stressed over the death of a young father at the Jaffna College cricket grounds near her place. As per news reports:

‘On 15th March Tharshan Jeyaratnam Amalraj was murdered at Vaddukoddai while watching the 26th annual Rajan Kadirgamar Trophy Cricket match played between the two leading schools in Jaffna - Jaffna College Vaddukoddai and St. Patricks College, Jaffna’

On that very day, here in Sydney, the Hon Philip Ruddock was talking to fellow Australians of Sri Lankan origin about the importance of Social Harmony. Also present at that function was Mr. Len Pascoe – former Australian fast bowler who expressed appreciation for family values strongly demonstrated by Sri Lankans. How does one reconcile this claim with what happened at Vaddukoddai – just a short distance away from the office of the Australian Tamil Management Service?

After comforting the above Vaddukoddai resident – I asked myself as to who was responsible for the death of the young father? This is not an isolated incident of violence in that area. I believe that the place where violence is manifested carries those negative energies until it is cleansed by positive energies. The banners at our office were also torn by vandals despite the office being just a short distance away from the Police Station. We have since installed security cameras – so we would have evidence.

To the extent I felt upset but did not take the law into my hands to punish – I believe that the perpetrator/s would suffer the consequences as if they damaged their own investment. This I know now, after my experiences at the University of New South Wales, where the Vice Chancellor whose negligence sent me to prison was himself dismissed by the Governing Council. These are powers that we are able to draw on – to the extent we are within the boundaries of our own True contribution. Each one of us has this ability to invoke such natural powers. Only a few of us believe in it.

To me it is no coincidence that this death in Vaddukoddai happened during this debate at UNHRC – including through the detention of Ms. Balendran Jeyakumari, Mr. Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen. What happened to all of the above three are work related. What happened to Mr. Tharshan Amalraj is the parallel of it at citizens’ level. It was not between two different races. It was between alumni of two leading Jaffna schools. The Diaspora sections of these alumni raise funds to help improve the learning environments in these schools. Yet, the tragic outcome on Saturday confirms that the emphasis has not been to strengthen the core purpose of education which as per my discovery is - regulated thinking towards being part of wider world. What happened on Saturday was the result of animal behavior.

Anyone who takes pride in Jaffna education, has the responsibility to feel ashamed of this kind of animal behavior. One who feels part of Jaffna education system would naturally feel responsible for such actions. I had to check the names of those arrested, to relieve myself of some of the anxiety I felt due to that responsibility – felt more strongly since I commenced training students of Jaffna College. Many of my close family are members of St. Patrick’s College. Many close relatives of mine, through marriage – are members of Jaffna College. Hence to the extent I feel part of both organizations – one part of me was fighting against the other. That to me is the parallel of Colombo Tamils clashing with Jaffna Tamils.

Yet, there has been no responsibility taken by either Alumni at global level. That to my mind, confirms that when it comes to credit – these alumni members who represent the deeper ownership of the institutions – are ready to take credit and take front seats in related forums. But when it comes to debits – they go into hiding. One who feels connected to the roots would manifest both at equal level as per the need of the moment. To the extent global citizens supported either institution – they are the parallels of the UN. To the extent they remain silent – they have contributed to dilution of our rights to draw on UN’s powers.

To the extent we do whatever we do – as if all concerned are parts of us – we accumulate natural credits and debits with Nature. To the extent we are truly in need – Nature’s system would work to bring us the support we need anytime, anywhere. It’s towards this that we have global standards and laws. Abuse of that facility due to proximity would damage the connection with the source through which we claim to have the right – for example the suffering of those affected by the ethnic war in Sri Lanka. To the extent we know and choose to act as outsiders (as LTTE supporters are with the Sri Lankan Government) – we have the right to pursue through official paths and seek the intervention of global authorities but we need objectively measurable evidence in support of our claims.. To the extent we claim to be insiders (as the Government of Sri Lanka claims in relation to Tamils) – we need to prevent the manifestation of damaging evidence through our own credits with the system that we believe gives us the membership.

The place and time where Truth is born without prior planning – carry as energy - the unseen credits and debits of the causers and the victims or beneficiaries. Many Tamils are busy playing the global game – that they do not seem to be concerned about what happens naturally in their local areas. Others are too busy blaming the Government of Sri Lanka that they forget their dues to the place that helped provide them with a safe and structured education system without which – they would not have the voice that they have today. One who is not able to identify with this root cause is not an educated person – whatever else the certificates may say.

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