New Leadership Of JVP In Sri Lanka

( March 19, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I happened to listen to some of speeches given by the new leader of JVP Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake. I think that new leader has some brilliant political concepts and I reckon that JVP has dramatically changed from its precious political concepts and ideologies: JVP has been political discriminated and prejudiced in Sri Lanka. People had bad impression and nostalgia about past history of JVP and still we remember what happened in late 1980’s and yet, today JVP has dramatically changed it political stands and it indeed, no longer a party of any radicalism or extremism and it called people towards social justices and it calls people for equality and justice without any discrimination and bias: Unlike all other political parties which are dominated by some capitalistic political theories and doctrines JVP’s political ideas are today based on the concept of social justice and equality and human dignity. It is imperative that Lankan people without any bias or communal prejudice or racial subjectivities read the political manifesto of JVP now. People still have got bad memories of past history of JVP and yet, we should forget about what happened in the past and should look into new political philosophy of JVP. I think that JVP is going to dominate Sri-Lankan political map sooner rather than later.

Under this new leadership JVP is going to make political history in Sri Lanka. They have good political mission and vision for Sri-Lanka: Their political policies and concepts are inclusive and they want to meet aspirations of all communities in Sri Lanka: they do not want discriminate on the basis of religion, coulor, race and language. According to them all Lankans are equal citizens and rules of land should be applied to all equally: without bias or favoritism. It would be wrong to pass judgment on today’s JVP based on its past history and it is now a new and vibrant political aspiration of Sri Lankan people. it is a voice of voiceless people and it is a new political trend in Sri Lanka.

New JVP leader is a staunch political critique of this government and no other political leaders has made such critical approach to the bankrupt policies of this government as this JVP leader did. UNP and all other political parties do not make any constructive criticism of this government as they should be doing. JVP has got intellectual and political charisma to challenge this government its and cohorts: it has challenged many failed projects of this government like that of Airport and ports projects and this government is in reality political bankruptcy in Sri Lanka today: this country goes on loans taken form some countries and after war of 30 years billions of dollars have been borrowed to do some failed mega projects at expense of public money. Billions of dollars have been looted from these projects and wasted in these projects and yet, it is no ruling elites that is going to pay back rather it is people who will bear the burden of these loans with interest.

Mr A.K.Dissanayake rightly exposes the corruption of these ruling elites with substantiated evidence and with logical and rational arguments and he his political tones appeal to academics and youths of this country. He always speaks with clarity of thought and he speaks the truth without fear for his life. Since the independence we have not had any political leader with such lucid speech with clear cut political message: His message is clear. It is public interest of this country and its people should be given priority over the interest of these corrupt elites: he argues that these politicians are looting public money without any sense of humanism. He gives many evidences for such claim: He knows the profiles of each and every political leaders of this government and he shows evidence how they manage to make fortune out of politics in Sri Lanka by robbing public money. He tells us how public money is wasted in all governmental departments with jumbo cabinets of more than 60 ministers for this small country. I think every patriotic Lankan should listen to his speeches and ponder over tis meaning if you are true Lankan: Singhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Malays all should now listen to this new political party for just to see what is going on in Sri Lanka and make some difference in Lankan politics: Do not judge book with its cover but read it to judge it. Now all should listen to this NEW JVP to know its policies and doctrines.

To be continued …