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Sri Lankan Born Academic Receives Awards

( March 12, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Dr Sithamparanathan Sabesan, an old boy of Jaffna Hindu and a researcher in the Cambridge University Engineering Department, bagged two awards for his ground breaking finding - the Real Time Location System (RTLS).

RTLS is a low cost real time radio tagging system which could be 100% accurate and can locate passive RFID tags within a metre. According to University of Cambridge news this system could save around 400 Million Pounds for airlines.

Dr.Sabesan together with another researcher Dr. Crisp received the Royal Academy of Engineering ERA Foundation Entrepreneurship Award for this research finding. They will be awarded a personal cash prize of £10,000 and another £30,000 for further development of this idea.

Dr.Sabesan also received the UK ICT Pioneers Award for this invention at the UK ICT Pioneers Competition, which is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council initiative that recognises the work of exceptional PhD students and researchers in the information and communications technologies.

Dr.Sabesan who was born in Chavakacheri, Jaffna, in 1984 had his early education at Chavakacheri Hindu College and then went to Jaffna Hindu College, from where he entered University of Moratuwa to follow Engineering degree. He received 3A's in the A/L examination results. But after few months at University of Moratuwa he received a scholarship to study BSc Electronic Engineering at Sheffield University, UK. So he opted to move to UK in 2004 to study in Sheffield University. He completed his BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering degree in 2007. He scored highest marks in his year and awarded the Sir William Siemens Medal for being the country's top 18 science and technology students.

He worked for a short period at the Cambridge University spin off company ARM, as a student IP Electronic Engineer. From there he moved to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University to study for his Masters degree (MPhil) in Electronic Engineering and then continued with his PhD in 2008.

Dr.Sabesan has received many awards, published his work in various journals and currently has two patents pending for his work into RFID.

Not only in his studies he excelled in sports and other activities too. He has captained the Corpus Christi College MCR team and is an elected president of University of Cambridge Graduate Cricket League. He is also the chairman of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Cambridge Younger Professionals Committee and has been elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at Girton College, Cambridge University.

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