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Tamil activist and her daughter (13) arrested

(March 14, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) One of the leading activists in Kilinochchi, a former rebel’s stronghold, and her daughter who have been in the frontline in many protests against disappearances, were arrested by the members of Criminal Investigation Division (CID), yesterday.

According to a reliable source, “Balendran Jayakumari (resident of Tharmapurum) and her daughter Vithushaini (13 years old) have been detained in their home ( No. 5 Musalumpitty, Pullium Pokkanai, Tharmapurum , Killinochchi- Indian housing scheme) from around 4 pm till around 10 pm.

However Jayakumari was abled contacted a local politician around 4 pm and informed that her house being surrounded by the army. But later, the security forced disconnected her mobile phone, and forced her not to contact anyone. 

Jayakumari is a mother of four, but two of them were killed and one disappeared after surrendered to the Army.
“Both the mother and daughter have been in the frontline of many protested organized by Mannar citizens committee and families that are looking for missing and disappeared members. She and her daughter have been featured in many video documentaries on disappearances including the Channel 4 which was released last year,” a source from the Women's Action Network (WAN), informed the Sri Lanka Guardian.

Beside Jayakumari has been the leader of mobilizing the families in Killinochchi for various hearings, public protests and meetings; she has managed to meets number of diplomats and media persons.

One of her son was killed in Trincomalee, and the second one died in a shell attack in Mullivaikal. While following the military order, she had to hand over her third, 15 years old son (Balendran Mahinthan) to the Sri Lankan army in May 2009.
Meanwhile, “ Jayakumari and her daughter have been brought to Vavuniya for further investigation,” the police spokesman Ajith Rohana stated to the BBC Tamil service last night.

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