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Monday, March 17, 2014

Two More Prominent Activists Detained in Killinochchi

( March 16, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) At around 10.05 pm tonight ( March 16), several of his friends and colleagues received a text message from prominent Human Rights Activist, Ruki Fernando, on his mobile number 077XXXX160 stating that Ruki and Father Praveen have been detained at the killnochchi police station, apparently on suspicion of a shooting. Later, Ruki informed a colleague via text, that he and father Praveen were being questioned separately. 

A lawyer, who called the Killinochchi police station, was informed that no such persons were arrested by the Killinochchi police or being held at the police station.

However the police said that two persons had been arrested by a specially appointed unit of the TID and were being held at a separate location in Killinochchi. 

Another lawyer who spoke to the OIC Killinochchi was informed that Ruki and Praveen were being questioned and a decision regarding their continued detention would be made in the morning. 

However, "We don't know the details of arrest or the facts leading up to it. We are very concerned for their safety and urgently need a lawyer who can visit the police station tonight and find out where they are being held on for what reasons etc.," an activist informed the Sri Lanka Guardian.