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Unwarranted U S Interference In Russian Affairs

| by N.S.Venkataraman

( March 19, 2014, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) While Crimea has voted overwhelmingly in the referendum to break away from Ukraine and join Russia, opposition is coming from U S which is nothing but an interference in the affairs of another country. U S has now gone to the extent of imposing sanctions against Russia , as if it is the police man of the world. Of course, a few western countries which seem to have no views on their own will follow the US to join its bandwagon . However, the world remains aghast at the attitude of U S and the sense of arrogance that it appears to display.

Image Courtesy: libcom.org
In recent years, U S is widely suspected across the world of interfering in the internal affairs of several other countries by supporting splinter groups and encouraging dissensions. It is rumoured that in several countries including India and Sri Lanka that U S bribes the natives by several methods including through U S based organisations by providing funds in the pretext of one social activity or the other. It is surprising that the leadership of the U S government does not care about the fact that its activities are looked with high level of suspicions everywhere.

Obviously, the U S government is suffering from sort of phobia and it expects every government in the world to carry out its activities, keeping the views and expectations of the U S government. In the case of any government not toeing its line, it extends threat directly or indirectly and does not hesitate to destabilise the government in surreptitious way. While U S claims that it is the champion of democracy and personal freedom, the ground reality is that it does not cherish these values while dealing with other countries.

The track record of U S in Iraq, Afghanistan and several middle east countries are extremely dubious and have caused huge sufferings to the local population, by way of causing death and destruction. U S seem to think that death and destruction in other countries are acceptable ,while it tries to protect the American interests and economic, political and military security of U SA in all possible ways.

While it is extensively rumoured in India that U S based funding agencies and foundations are planting some political leaders in India in the forthcoming parliamentary poll, U S is trying to cause huge damage to the reputation of Sri Lanka by sponsoring resolutions in U N against Sri Lanka , on what it calls as human rights violation. In the process, it does not care to look into the fact that Sri Lanka had to wage a war to protect its territorial integrity and in the process people have suffered. The rebels have indulged in violent activities of extreme dimensions and Sri Lankan government had no alternative other than battling against them. Several other countries have undergone similar experience in the past as Sri Lanka, when they had to fight against its own rebel citizens to protect its territorial integrity. India is now doing against the Maoists. It is also known that U S itself is extremely ruthless in dealing with the rebels or extremists , who could disrupt peace in its territory. European countries behaved no better in some circumstances.

U S should certainly keep its hands off as far as Crimea is concerned and should accept the fact that people have voted in a referendum in a democratic way. U S cannot reject such referendum simply because it does not suit its interests.

It is high time that President Obama should realise that ultimate strength for any country would be the reputation that it is fair and not vindictive and self centred in dealing with other countries. So far, U S had its way in all its murky dealings but this cannot be so all the time. It can also be vulnerable .

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