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Camouflaging A False LTTE

| by Robinhood
Views expressed in this article are author own

( April 20, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) When the regime took the LTTE rebels into custody most f them were kept under detention for an indefinite period without legal proceedings. Some detainees were released but deployed to work as spies for the military intelligence. Some released prisoners were followed by the military intelligence and kept under close surveillance.

The main objective of the regime is to use of the LTTE prisoners of war at a situation advantage for the regimes existence. In other words to encounter the detainees at a time when the regime is losing its popularity locally and internationally so that by concocting a false LTTE by the use of these released detainees and using them as human shields. By fabricating a false LTTE the regime is trying to portray a false picture of a revival of the LTTE in the north of Sri Lanka thereby politically dominating the south. Ex LTTE carders who were released and later hired to work in military camps as spies became victimized for this operation. Regime creating a false LTTE for its survival and using the ex LTTE carders as victims is a clear violation of Human Rights and humanitarian laws in a transitional post war era. It is a crime to see such a monumental and horrendous crimes committed by the Rajapaksa regime for the Tamil people living in the North of Sri Lanka who were once victims of a brutal war and to the rebels who were rehabilitated and socialized. 

Recently the Rajapaksa regimes military spokesperson informed that the government forces launched a search operation on a tip off and killed an LTTE leader named Selvanayagam Kajeepan alias Gopi and two other members named Appam and Thevian in Puliyankulam Police division, in an operation rounding up the Nedunkerny forest. According to Robinhoods information this killed LTTE leader Gobi, Appam and Thevian was deployed by the army as spies to monitor civilian movements in the Puliyankulam military camp. These three ex LTTE members were working under army intelligence unit officer Sevarajah Kamala Rajah (No. 776927). These three ex members were friends and Thevian and Appam were introduced to the army by S. K. Rajah. Due to the suspicious of this conspiracy getting exposed by S.K. Rajah the latter too was killed by the army. At first the army said that Rajah was killed in a confrontation but later said he was killed during training. The following was the two contradictory statements.

In order to fabricate this false LTTE drama the regime has spent quite a lot of money. On the 9th of April the army surrounded the forest in Marathotai Vidathalaivilakku in the Puliyankulam police division. For this operation around 2500 troops, 11 armored cars and nine Baffle trucks were deployed. The army made a propaganda saying that there is a new LTTE leader hiding in the jungle so that the army has launched an operation to catch him.
On the 11th morning at 1.20am the army has brought a dead body with gunshot injuries to the Padaviya hospital. The army has told the police they do not know who the deceased was. Later at 6.10am separate information was given to the police by the army saying that the dead body given to the hospital was a soldier from Kurunegala named S. K Rajah and he died due to a sudden accident.

Meanwhile there was a different statement given by the army to the Puliyankulam police stating that, early morning 2.40am during a confrontation with the LTTE a solder attached to the Army intelligence got few gunshot injuries and succumbed to death and the dead body was taken to Anuradapura. This information was in written format in the police record books. (After this disclosure if the police has not altered the record books anybody can check) When the army told the Puliyankulam police that Rajah was shot at 2.40AM his body was handed over to the hospital at 1.20AM. Although the Puliyankulam police informed that Rajah died during a confrontation but later the military spokesperson told the media that Rajah was killed during training. ASP Senadheera in charge of Padaviya police division and OIC Jamaldeen of the Padaviya know about these contradictory statements. According to the Army inside information Rajah was attached to the 4th Brigade and worked as an intelligence officer whereas Gopi, Thevian and Appam was working as spies for the army and they were friends.
Three days before the regimes announcement of killing the three LTTE leaders the commanding officer of Jaffna Major General Udaya Perera has given a statement to the Udayan Newspaper that the three LTTE leaders were under army custody. That statement was published in the Udayan newspaper on the 8th of April. If that is so the official communiqué given by the Army is incorrect or else what Major General Udaya Perera said was false. The doctor who examined the dead bodies reported that there were many cluster type bullet holes in the bodies of Gopi, Thevian and Appan who died during confrontation and S.K Rajah who died during the training. The doctor further said that those injuries are similar to cluster bullet injuries caused by a T56 weapon. If Rajah would have died during training it is not possible to have such cluster type bullet holes in his body. Therefore it is clear that all four were killed at once.
The postmortem of Gopi, Thevian and Appan were done under Padaviya ASP Dharmasena and Padaviya OIC Sumith Chandana by report number 221, 222 and 223. A lady named Sharmila Devi identified Gopi’s body and Thevians body too was identified by one of his relative. There were nobody to identify Appan’s body and Rajah’s postmortem was separately done without including into this.

According to the Padaviya Police and its inquiry reports, these three men were killed at Kambiliwewa area at the Padaviya Police division. But the army has informed the Puliyankulam Police that they killed these carders in the Nedunkerny jungle at the Puliyankulam police division. The Puliyankulam police records indicate this.

During the postmortem no firearms of the rebels were surrendered. There were no reports of bullets or grenades taken into custody from the deceased. There were no records of the weapon or the person who shot Rajah during the training. If there was a shooting by mistake during the training there should be a statement given by the soldier in the police records, but unfortunately there is no such statements found.
No dead bodies were shown to the media. Two dead bodies lying at a distance was shown to few private medias and no close pictures were shown. No Medias were allowed to go closer to the vicinity. Few reporters questioned why if the Medias are allowed to go the area where Prabakaran was killed why Medias were not allowed to see this?

These horrendous four murders of the ex LTTE rehabilitated carders committed by the Rajapaksa regime should be disclosed and exposed to the world. Few days ago during an army intelligence meeting when the IGP said that there is no evidence or any signs of any revival of a LTTE the defense secretary got angry and replied the IGP saying that you can able to see them with witnesses in another two weeks time. The readers can now realize the spurious drama of the defense secretary.

It is believed that the regime is destroying whatever the remaining evidences and witnesses of war crimes. After the end of the war when surrendering to the army few members of the LTTE, who knew little Sinhala in order to save their life became spies of the army or remained as informants agents to the army intelligence, these members knew about crimes committed by few armies. One such spy recently fled outside the country through Mannar. He too was a similar person like S.K Rajah who joined the army as a spy to monitor civilian and political movements. There are two reasons for the Rajapaksa regime to kill these people, one is that the regime is in fear of these spies, may give evidence against him during the international inquiry. The other is to create a false LTTE and to show the people and the international community that the LTTE is still militarily active or starting to revive in the north of Sri Lanka so that the government needs to militarize the north to defuse such terror activities thereby regaining its falling popularity and establishing the regimes power in the south of Sri Lanka.

Recently in a meeting held in Malaysia the Sri Lankan defense secretary said that “the terrorism in Sri Lanka is rising again in the form of democracy”. Terrorism means “a minority community using terror activities as a means to achieve an objective but in order to achieve objective following democratic measures is not an offense. Democracy means building a general consent by the majority community to please a general consent of a majority community. Whatever Gotabaya Rajapaksa says about terrorism raising its head in the form of democracy has no meaning. From his speech an opinion is formed, an organization or an individual who has indulged in terrorism once later cannot adopt democracy. If that is the case Vasudewa Nanayakkara cannot a hold a ministerial post in the Rajapaksa regime as he has given assistance to the JVP riots in 1971. Even Victor Ivan cannot be a pro government journalist as he was convicted in 1971 insurgency incidents.

All this camouflage activities of the government is a direct consequence of taking retribution from the Northern Tamil community who refused the Rajapaksa administration during the Northern Provincial Council elections. By concocting such spurious fabrication the regime tries violate the democratic rights of the Tamil community there by labeling them as terrorists.

Military Spokesperson Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya told there were 12000 LTTE members who surrendered to the army after the war who were rehabilitated and socialized and only three of them were indulged in terror activities. From his low count it is clear how impossible it is for the LTTE to militarily reorganize again, but the police spokesperson gives a complete contradictory statement. He says that it is wrong to say that there is no LTTE. He asserted that there were LTTE posters with two people who were captured by the Palai OIC and in that it is written that if there is an inequity to the Tamil community the need to reorganize. He said Thevian has bought a land in Vavuniya to use for LTTE activities. He emphasized that there were motars and Bombs discovered in Vishwamadu Thottiadi in the Baticaloa distict. He claimed there were bomb detecting equipments found in a house. He said the police discovered LTTE training books in Udayarkattu area.

From all above it is clear that the Rajapaksa regime can see the signs of its collapse and trying to hang on to a straw which is similar to hanging on to a hair of a dead tiger.

Robinhood – Defending the rights of the war affected

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