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Indo – Lanka Joint Kidney Racket Exposed

Arrest Dr. Monik and Dr. Paadeniya immediately

| by A special correspondent of the Lanka E News

(April 29, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It has come to light that Dr. Monik , is the mastermind behind the sinister illegal human kidney business that is being carried on between India and Sri Lanka with the participation of several government service doctors including the local GMOA (Government medical officers association ) President Dr. Paadeniya from behind the scenes, according to information reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

This joint Indo -Lanka kidney sales illicit business had been exposed these days by the international media (specially in India). In SL of course with a media sector comprising media coolies ,government lickspittles and lackeys , these grave malpractices and rackets ( in the same way as the government corruption and crimes are concealed ) are being revealed with least details and treated lightly.

Based on the information that had been garnered by the Indian police , this kidney racket briefly is as follows :

Those who are ready to donate kidneys in India and the kidney patients in need of kidneys are dispatched to SL. The coordinating activities towards this is orchestrated by several wealthy Indian business philanthropists and several doctors. The patients are given an assurance that the surgery in this regard is done much cheaper in SL, and higher prices are paid to the donors on account of their donation.

Accordingly , these patients and donors of kidneys are admitted to leading private hospitals and the surgery carried out. It is SL’s health Ministry Director General of health services Dr. Palitha Mahipala who had given permission for these activities. The Doctor by the name of Monik has negotiated the deals with the health Ministry and the private hospitals , and carried out this racket within SL.

This racket had been camouflaged to look a most meritorious and curative effort while in fact , it is a dangerous sinister kidney business racket that had been taking place behind this meritorious façade. This racket got exposed when recently , an Indian who was subjected to such a surgery at the Lanka private hospital (former Apollo hospital) died suddenly.

Following the death of this patient , the relatives of the deceased had claimed compensation from the SL private hospital . In the ensuing dispute it had come to light that the amount payable to the donor after defraying the full surgery expenditure is over Rs. 5 million ., and an intermediary has in the process cheated the donor in this cash transaction . meanwhile the Indian police had discovered that it is none other than Dr. Monik who is at the bottom of this deceit.

Lanka e news had been able to unearth details of Dr. Monik who is the mastermind of this racket.

His full name : Ambepitiya Arachchige Don Monik Tervin Sanjeewa .

Academic attainments : M.B.B.S . he has acquired the medical degree in the year 2000 from the M.S. Ramiah medical College of the University of Bangalore , India .

His registration number in the SL medical council (SLMC) is 18474 dated 2003-10-20 ( More details about him can be obtained by reference to SLMC.org register in line 36 ). He is registered with the Indian medical council.

But what we are revealing herein is information hitherto unknown to the public about this deadly racket and its most dangerous aspects.

In SL there are laws governing the transplant of human organs , and is known as the Tissue Act. Prior to any such transplant in SL , it is mandatory that permission is obtained from the Health Ministry specialized Committee.

These transplants orchestrated by these racketeers had taken place at all leading private hospitals – Lanka , Asiri, Nawaloka, Hemas , Durdans and many others. The Health Ministry had given permission to them in respect of requests separately by letters individually and these letters of approval had been signed by the Director General of health services , Dr. Palitha Mahipal.

Dr. Monik is a powerful member of the GMOA , and has been acting as a very close private secretary (on an unofficial level ) of Dr. Anurudha Paadeniya who is the President of the GMOA.

Monik frequently travels with Dr. Paadeniya. Sometime ago he had been acting even as a chauffeur for Dr. Paadeniya. It was Monik who mediated in the joint business operations between the GMOA and various businessmen. He has also facilitated the import of mobile phones, computers , luxury vehicles at cheap rates for his close Doctor friends , as a representative of the GMOA.

Dr. Monik was the one who moved in and arranged the import of the super luxury Ford Everest model jeep for Dr. Anurudha Paadeniya. Indeed , even the connection for Mobitel mobile phone currently used by Dr. Paadeniya has been secured in the name of Dr. Monik.

Even when the Laptops were being provided to members of the GMOA in 2012 at concessionary rates , it was Dr. Monik who was the middle man in the agreement signed with Abans Ltd.

Dr. Monik (broker , racketeer and what not ) was the individual who arranged a sumptuous party at a most super luxury hotel in Colombo for the Finance Ministry secretary , and government’s bigwigs (Moru –sharks) prior to Dr. Paadeniya ‘s departure for America in 2012 on a two month super tour.

At the GMOA elections on three occasions , it was Dr. Monik who spent lavishly on behalf of Dr. Paadeniya , a contestant . Expenditure in respect of posters , handbills etc ; supply of liquor including whisky and brandy as well as meals were met by Dr. Monik and Dr Priyantha Bandara ( about whose putrid business ramifications Lanka e news had already reported in an earlier article)

In addition Dr. Monik had sponsored a number of foreign tours of Dr. Paadeniya. Based on information received so far, Dr. Monik had amassed these large sums of monies to spend this lavishly by cheating on the poor hapless and helpless kidney patients of India. It is none other than Dr. Paadeniya who had bartered his professional ethics and prostituted his official position most disgracefully to support this massive sinister and sinful organ transplant racket through the trade union . Perhaps , it is all because of his inordinate love of filthy lucre even compromising the lives of the destitute and those in despair , and his own professional scruples.

Following in the footsteps of the Medamulana land crocodiles who are never short of crocodile tears , Dr. Paadeniya while shedding crocodile tears before the media on behalf of the kidney patients of Rajarata , had been enjoying a life of opulence incluiding luxury foreign tours and excursions on the monies amassed via the frauds committed on the poor kidney patients through the most sinister kidney business .

Like how the rulers of the country are under the guise of making SL ‘Asia’s miracle’ are indulging in the most corrupt and deadly ‘games’ via the lawless climate they have themselves created ,and through their so called ‘feats’ wittingly or unwittingly seeking a place in the Guiness book of ‘ignominious records’ , Dr. Paddeniya the President of the GMOA too by indulging in this colossal racket most unconscionably

and unscrupulously had before the world created an ignominious record sacrificing the lofty medical professional ethics at the altar of filthy lucre. . Of course he had brought international ‘honor’ to this country toeing the line of the rulers to whom vices , crimes and corruption are honorable .

SL is presently like a country where nudity is honorable . Hence in such a country it is difficult to prove nudity is dishonorable. Therefore honorable professionals and people have no place in the sun.. So , it is in every sphere of activity . No wonder in every department the higher ups appointed alongside the politicization of the government sectors ,are taking advantage of this climate and environment to commit the worst crimes , rackets and corruption with impunity . These are what are exalted and encouraged under the prevailing jungle laws.

The most ludicrous and ridiculous part of this most dangerous and portentous drama is , while the Indian police had unearthed a wealth of information in connection with this most heinous colossal human organ racket , the SL police has done nothing about it and announced that nobody in SL is implicated in this. The SL officials obviously are as always in keeping with the raging corruption are trying to suppress this crime . On the contrary , India had exposed this and delved into its details.

If the government has the honest need to get to the root of this cruel deadly racket of human organs most detrimental to human lives , the first step it should take is immediately freeze the local and foreign bank accounts of Dr. Paadeniya and Dr. Monik of the GMOA , and probe into this. Their assets and liabilities shall also be subjected to an audit investigation.

These two doctors should be arrested at once , interrogated and the involvements of Dr. Palitha Mahipala and other high rung officials in this racket,as well as the names of those who provided the umbrella politically to protect and promote this gigantic inhuman and sordid racket must be made known to the public.

Incidentally , the appointment of Dr. Mahipala the accused in this massive scam to inquire into the very racket of which he is the architect is the biggest joke of the century.

Might we emphatically reiterate and sternly warn as unrelenting champions of the cause of truth , righteousness , ethical and scrupulous conduct that this scar that has disfigured the image of SL internationally cannot be wiped out by suppressing the episode and concealing the culprits no matter how high their positions are in the government, politically or otherwise.

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