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Pakistan: The Country for Rapists

 | by A Special Correspondent in Karachi

( April 30, 2014, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) Special prayers were held for the minor who is still in a trauma and her father is still in illegal police custody. Life For All Pakistan filed a writ at the High Court for his immediate release, as the police refused to release him. The court has ordered immediate release of Iqbal Masih.

After the Sunday mass candles were lit for Sara along with Sawan Masih and Asia Bibi.

The civil society gathered and protested against the barbaric incident and demanded justice for the minor.

A 6 years old girl was raped in Faisalabad and thrown away in a critical condition on Sunday afternoon, she was shifted to the hospital. Her condition is still critical, she urgently needs to undergo a surgery, which cannot be done in Faisalabad, and she needs to be shifted to Lahore. Another 9 year old girl was raped and murdered in Jhang district.

2 rapes in 1 day and total 3 rapes in 1 week the authorities remain silent, this is a mockery of the judicial system that the minors are not safe. Ironically these 3 incidents took place in the Punjab province, where the administration claims to have reduced the crime rate and enforced the writ of the law.

Human Rights group Life For All Pakistan in a press release revealed that over 370 women were raped, 185 were gang raped in the year 2013 alone. A report on the violence against women was made public on Monday:

Violence against Women in 2013
Rape -370
Gang Rape -185
Honor Killing -1603
Violence Against Women -2133
Tortured by Police -887
Abducted -608
Forced Marriages -406
Child Marriages- 176
Murdered After rape -217
Killed after being accused of Adultery -220
Killed for unknown reasons -1164
Suicide -452
Burnt Alive -193
Smuggled- 205
Ran Away - 220

Data Province wise:

Punjab Sindh   Khyber-Pakhtunkhua Baluchistan
2602       1883        1181               864

The above mentioned statistics are around 10 percent of the incidents that were reported in Pakistan. The majority of the cases are not even reported. Pakistan`s 51 % of the population of the country is subjected to the worse circumstances.

Life For All Pakistan has issued a statement, " it is heart breaking to see that the minor was brutally raped, and other such incidents are drastically growing. We ask the concerned authorities to take these incidents seriously and take appropriate action. The report released about the violence against women is an eye opener, we are unable to respect and protect them. It is time for the concerned authorities to take this seriously and ensure that these incidents are not repeated in future."

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