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TNA is like “a dog in the manger”– Devananda

 Following news is based on the statement issued by the EPDP
(April 4, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development and the Secretary General of the Eelam people’s Democratic Party (EPDP) an armed group which is responsible for severe human rights violence in North and East as well as in Colombo suburb, at a public rally held at the Ilangaiventham Art Centre in Niraviadi, Jaffna on the 30th of March 2014, said that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was like a “a dog in the manger” putting a spoke in the wheel of Government’s effort to uplift the livelihoods of the people and developmental activities pursued by it.

The Minister Douglas Devananda, further said that many of the day to day problems faced by the people and issues of political nature though, could be conveniently settled by the Provincial Council administration, the TNA having obtained the power of the Provincial Council by leading the Northerners up the garden path, was doing nothing but sitting complacent, creating confusion all around and acting as stumbling blocks to people friendly development activities and livelihoods.

He also said that every single individual needed to come together and rise up as one society for achieving economic development as well as attaining better living standard, failure to do so would compel them to at the mercy of the affluent.

While Continuing his speech, the Minister said that when he went public, to say that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, consequent to the sealing of the Indo-Lanka Pact paved the way for amicable solution of the ethnic question, the TNA rejected it wholesale on the ground it wasn’t appropriate at all. However, as at present they were in total administrative control of the Northern Provincial Council but just sitting on their laurels doing nothing to realize the trust placed on them by the Northern constituents. It is very sad, the Minister added.

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